Weekly Mission Report – May 1st

Hey Ya’ll,

This week started out with exchanges up to North Augusta. I was with this missionary who had only been out 3 weeks and hardly knew his area. He is also a country boy with the deepest voice I have ever heard. Everyone in the area loves his voice and accent. It was super funny. He was a cool dude though and we had a good time. We went contacting in a park and talked to a lady who said she was looking for peace. We testified of finding peace through the Book of Mormon and after that she wanted to meet again to get a copy. We also saw a 5 to 6 foot gator sunning itself. We couldn’t get to it though because it was in the middle of a pond.

We have had a bomb of a week talking to a lot of people and have had a lot of good gospel conversations with people.  We have talked a lot about peace with a lot of the people we have run into. Its a popular topic when talking about the Savior. We talked to one lady and everything was going great until we mentioned the Book of Mormon. As soon as we mentioned that she was not interested and closed the door. We found out that it was because she goes to Warren Baptist Church, which is a huge church around here. They preach a lot of anti talk about Mormons to their church members. It works pretty well to because we run into their members all the time and they think we are going to hell.  It’s pretty dumb and what’s even worse is they preach stuff that isn’t even correct and so all their members are so ignorant of what Mormons really believe. I’m not going to lie, sometimes its really hard to not call out how ignorant they are and show them how ridiculous they sound. It’s so ingrained in them that they don’t even give our words any credit. You would think they would give more credit to us as missionaries for the church who teach what we believe everyday. I pointed to my name tag and the picture of Christ I was holding and said we definitely do and she still said we didn’t.

Anyway, we have a had a good week. We had a missionary meeting yesterday that went well. Afterward, we met with our investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday. We were concerned that she was not ready and also that she was letting fear and negative thinking influence her a lot. Well, we had a discussion with our investigator about the difference between Nephi and his brothers.  We discussed how Nephi was always positive and relied on the Lord.  We then made a comparison to his brothers who were always negative and driven by fear. We then talked about using the gospel to make our lives more positive and how to create positive habits in our life. It was the bomb, and she was all good by the end of the lesson.

We are doing solid though. Nothing too crazy going on. Ya’ll have a great week and thanks for all you do.

Elder Goodsell




Weekly Mission Report – April 24th

Hey Ya’ll,

This has been a bomb week! I hope it’s been good for ya’ll. This last Tuesday I was on exchanges. I stayed here in my area and an old friend and fellow missionary in the mission that I’m going home with in June came to do exchanges with me. We had a good time. We went contacting for a while and found some sweet people. One lady that we talked to was sitting in her truck and said she normally doesn’t come to this park for lunch but felt she needed to that day. Another lady said she knew she was suppose to meet us because her day had been a rough one. Another lady tried to debate doctrine.

We then had a great bible study which helped one of our investigators who was starting to be unsure about baptism. After bible study she felt better and will still be baptized sometime around May 6th. We are having a lot of scheduling problems but we will get it all figured out.

The rest of the week we contacted a lot and found some neat people. In total we found three people who seem to have sincere interest. We will see what happens this week with them. We had a really neat talk with a lady that we try to visit each week. She is a psychologist. My companion and I were talking about people who act out and make anti material against the church. We decided they all attack the doctrine but that is not what got them to leave the church. Its something deeper that really made them leave the church and attacking the doctrine is just a way the retaliate. We asked her about this and also why many parents wont let their kids join the church. She gave us some really good insights. A lot of it comes down to fear, never actually understood the church, crave attention, and ego. It would take forever to explain how they all relate to the topic, but it was a good discussion. It gave us a lot of insight on why these people do what they do and how we can help and handle them.

We did a couple service projects this week and I got chiggers for the first time. Those jokers are awful! The itch so bad! I almost made it my whole mission without getting any.

Today was bomb! We started cooking the raccoon last night in a crock pot with water, salt, onion, red bell pepper, and carrots (that’s all we had). It was so good though when we ate it this morning. We also had pulled raccoon sandwiches. They were amazing! It tasted like a pork roast, but a lot more greasy and moist. I would recommend it. The whole district had some. I saved a big plate of it that I will have for lunches this week.  Its been a solid week though. It’s definitely starting to heat up around these parts. The humidity is on the rise. The season of soaking wet shirts and ties is about to begin. Ya’ll have a great week and thank you for everything you do.

Elder Goodsell


Cooking our Raccoon


Pulled Raccoon Sandwich

Weekly Mission Report – April 17th

Weekly Mission Report – April 10th

Weekly Mission Report – April 3rd

Hey Everybody,

We have had a great week! We started out by fishing for turtles this last Monday. We caught 12 and kept all of them. Everyone in the District wants a turtle shell to keep or send home. I tried to get this one turtle for hours and I couldn’t get him to bite. Finally, I hooked him on the shell and when I was almost done pulling him all the way up and out of the water, he flipped off the hook. It made me so mad! My companion caught a giant one at the very end of the day. It was way bigger than any we had caught all day. It’s pretty cool. Cleaning them was nasty, but I cleaned one in 30 minutes which is my new record. Right now they are chilling on our porch so bugs can eat any leftovers inside. Some time soon we will boil them.

The next day I went on exchanges in North Augusta. We went contacting around some ponds and we saw 3 gators. These gators weren’t to big but I got close to one of them. We wanted to catch a baby one so bad. It would have been legit to hold it and get a picture. They are way faster then you think though. We ran into some nice people who weren’t interested in our message but we had good talks with them.

On Thursday, we tried to commit our investigator to baptism. She said she wanted to pray about it this week and then see. Well, after conference she texted us and said she wants to get baptized! We are super stoked about that. She is ready and has changed so much. She went from not believing in God and knowing nothing about the gospel to knowing a lot and being able to recognize the Holy Ghost really well. It has been an awesome journey! We found her at Walmart right before the new year and she has changed a lot.

Conference was awesome! I loved Elder Ballard’s talk on visions and goals. Its pretty much what we are trying to do in the mission. It’s also what our district did a while back to be so successful.

Today we got to go to the Masters tournament at the Augusta National. It was amazing! Today was the first day of practice rounds and we got to see a lot of the players out hitting. The course is insane! I have never been in a cleaner and more organized place. Nothing was dirty and every pine needle was in its correct place. It looked nothing like Georgia or Augusta. It is so impressive! Pictures do not even come close to do this place justice. So many people go too. It is such a big deal here. It was an amazing experience. Also, I found out that I’m staying in Evans, GA another transfer. So yeah, this week has been the bomb!

I hope ya’ll have had a great week. Thank you so much for all your support. Have an amazing day.

Elder Goodsell


Fishing for turtles


Baby Gator


Masters Golf Tournament


Masters Golf Tournament

Weekly Mission Report – Mar. 27th

Hey Everyone,

I hope ya’ll have had a great week. Ours has been pretty good. We had a bomb meeting with our Stake President this past Tuesday. He talked to us for a while about contacting and talking to people. It’s what we are really trying to push right now. He gave us a lot of really good insights about how to go about talking with people we come in contact with. It’s stuff we were sorta doing and trying to figure out. He just laid it all out for us and gave us everything that we needed. It got everyone pretty fired up.

We also met with a guy this week and may be creating a ward blog post so people can submit missionary experiences. The goal is to help people become motivated and be able to read all these cool experiences happening.

Bible study was really good too. We had a good turn out and talked about the parable of the sower. We talked a lot of how people respond differently to the gospel and why Christ spoke in parables.

We had a really good Zone Conference this past week as well. The mission president is going to start running the mission a little differently. It’s really cool how he will do it. Basically, it will be helping the mission focus on one goal and by doing that it will unify the mission in our efforts. It’s a bomb idea! Our new Mission President is really starting to figure things out. He also had a meeting with me and another missionary to talk about a lot of the ideas we have done in the area. It was a solid discussion.

So last night we had a funny thing happen. We went to Young Single Adult event with another set of missionaries in the area. So, to give you a back story, we all have a lot of inside jokes. Well something during the opening hymn reminded one of the missionaries about an inside joke we have. He started laughing and so did another one. They got it under control but then during the prayer you could hear all three of them laughing. They were trying to stay silent but it was so quiet you could hear their breathing and them bouncing up and down. Everyone looked at them after the prayer. It was so awkward! Then, like a minute later, the one who started it couldn’t hold it in anymore and just snorted as he tried to hold back a laugh. He went running out of the room laughing. It was so embarrassing. We made sure he didn’t come back in the rest of the night. I was surprised I didn’t laugh because usually I would have but in my mind I had to literally keep telling myself how much of an idiot he was making himself look like. I had to get myself all mad about it to keep from laughing. It worked though. I was the only one who didn’t laugh out of the four of us. It was bad, but you better believe on the way home we all laughed about it.Its been a solid week for us.

This is going to be the last week of the transfer. I really hope I stay in this area. I only have two more transfers left before I go home and I would love to have them both here. This area is the bomb! Ya’ll have a great week!

Elder Goodsell


My hair got singed. I had a grill explode on me. I know crazy. To much gas had come out before we lit it and it made a good fire ball and got my hair.


Weekly Mission Report – Mar. 20th

Hey Ya’ll,

This has been a solid week. We have been focusing a lot on contacting people. I have been trying to work on my communication skills. It makes it a lot more fun to contact people when you are trying to work on a certain thing such as eye contact, small talk, or matching the mood of the person to help them feel comfortable. It’s neat and it has helped us be able to read people better and to know what they are feeling and thinking. We also have a lot of stories come out of contacting from the other missionaries. Sometimes things just come out wrong and we sound so straight dumb. It’s all good though because we always end up laughing about it. Contacting has helped us move past a lot of fear and it gives you confidence. It’s pretty solid!

We had a solid lesson with one investigator this week. She was still struggling with her faith and getting an answer. She has had some answers but is in denial about it. We were pretty bold and straight forward with her. The spirit was really strong in the lesson though and she was in tears for some of it. It ended super solid and talked a lot about having faith in God and trusting him. Trust in God is such a struggle for people sometimes which makes sense. I have been there and still struggle with it at certain times. It’s hard to work through but it’s cool to witness when people do see the blessings they receive.

Oh, also I forgot to mention that last night the cops were called on us. We were walking through our apartment complex talking to people and some one called and said we were flagging cars down. Which we didn’t do once. So my comp was about 30 yards off talking to someone and I was walking trying to find someone else when a cop pulled me over and told me about the complaint. I was like, wow, really. We had talked to a few people and did not waved one car down. None of the people we talked to were mad that we spoke with them either. It was dumb but kinda funny that it happened. We just ended up leaving.

We went to Macon this week to do exchanges and I was with an old friend. We went contacting and saw a miracle. We were driving and decided to pull over to talk to this couple walking on the side of the road. Turns out she was looking for a church and God. She straight up prayed that people like us would find her. He said he was willing to take off work every Sunday to come to church. They both asked us for a Book of Mormon. We set up a time to meet and said they couldn’t wait.

It’s been a solid week though. I hope ya’ll are all doing well and having fun. Thank you for your support and help.

Elder Goodsell