Weekly Mission Report – June 13th

Hey Everybody,

I hope ya’ll have had a great week. Our week has been good. We stayed pretty busy. We started to see a few people more often throughout the week to prepare them for baptism. One of our investigators is Wendy. We love Wendy. She is so funny and makes amazing food. We had great lessons with her this week. These last few weeks she has really committed to the gospel. It’s awesome! She has much more of a desire to follow the commandments and is committed to the church. We have loved teaching her. She will be getting baptized this Saturday. We are so excited for her!

Another lady we are teaching will probably get baptized next week. She is doing well too. One of the items we have shared with our investigators this week how in life we have a vision and that’s the celestial kingdom. We then have goals to get there. Those include the many ordinances we do as well as enduring to the end. We then have plans every day, every week, and every month to hit those goals. Those plans include living the commandments, reading scriptures, praying, going to church, developing Christ like attributes, etc. It put things into perspective and gave a clear direction on what to do and why living the gospel is so important. The plans must be put into play in order to reach these goals. All goals must be reached in order to reach the vision we have of reaching the celestial kingdom and living with our Father in Heaven again. I have loved teaching this to our investigators.

This past Sunday my companion and I both spoke in church. We spoke at the Young Single Adult branch about missionary work. My companion talked about the why behind missionary work. I talked about how normal members of the church can do missionary work. The talks went really well. We also both did training in a missionary meeting we had yesterday. That went really well to. It was my last big training to a large group of missionaries. They had me give my going home testimony as well. I couldn’t help but talk again how I have seen the Lords hand in my life. How I have come to know that he loves me and puts me through everything for a reason. I’m so grateful for it! It was a good meeting. Everyone did a good job on their training’s.

One funny thing that happened this week was my companion and I trying to describe what a pie was to someone who doesn’t speak very much English. So we were in an English class helping the Spanish elders teach Hispanics how to speak English. Well, one of them didn’t know what pie was. So I started out first trying to describe it. I said, “well you see its round and you cut it like a pizza.” My companion just started laughing. I didn’t know what else to say. So then he said, “you see, you take like an apple and you bake it and it turns into a pie”…. I was like really? No way!? He then realize how dumb he sounded and we were both just laughing. Who knew describing pie would be so hard.

Anyway, I hope ya’ll have a great week. Thank you for everything you do. I appreciate the support.

Elder Goodsell




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