Weekly Mission Report – June 5th

Hey Ya’ll,

We have had such a busy week. Its been awesome! I hope ya’ll have had a great week. This week has been one of the fastest on my mission. On Tuesday we went to Lanett for an exchange. I gave the training at the district meeting. They asked me to talk about what I learned and what I wish I would have done. It was actually really cool to reflect on my mission. I have gained a strong testimony of 1) The Gospel 2) the Lord has a plan for us and loves each one of us personally and 3) always be progressing forward. It’s cool to look back on my mission and to see how every companion, and area, and person I have met, I met for a reason and needed that experience. I can see how the Lord set things up along my mission that would prepare me for my future. I can see how he has inspired me throughout my mission and those around me to help me. It’s amazing to think about! Everything has worked out so perfect that it couldn’t be luck, but only the Lords hand. After that meeting I stayed in Lanett for an exchange. We tracted into a lady who was looking for a church and already has some family who are LDS. We had a great talk with her about the gospel. It was wonderful! She was excited about what we shared and asked us to come back.

This week we finally met with a girl that we had a lesson with my first week here. She was really interested and came to church that week. We had a great lesson with her. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how important it is. She understood and told us how excited she is to keep learning. We have really been focusing on helping people understand how important the Book of Mormon is in conversion. We want all our people we work with to develop a habit of reading the scriptures everyday.

This week we also had a meeting in Macon which was really good. The training’s were awesome and I was able to see a lot of friends. This is the last time I’ll see a lot of them until they come home. It’s been a great week though. We have taught a lot of lessons and have helped a lot of people. I’m so grateful for how busy we are. Thank you all for your support. I hope ya’ll have a great week.

Elder Goodsell


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