Weekly Mission Report – May 29th

Hey Ya’ll,

This has been a great week. We have taught so many lesson and so many people. We have been so busy and it has been great. I finally got to meet the ward this week since last week we went to the branch. The members here are awesome and live up to the reputation they have around the mission. It was a good time. This week though we were concerned with a few of our investigators whether or not they were ready for baptism in the next few weeks and we had a few lessons with them this week and are now confident that they are ready. We were concerned that one of the investigators took that she didn’t have to be perfect after baptism the wrong way. We felt she thought that it was still okay to break a few of the commandments that she thought weren’t very necessary but we had a lesson with her and she brought up how she doesn’t want to do certain things anymore or associate with people who will bring that temptation into her life. It was really cool. We have been seeing that a lot of people we teach. With a lot of them, things have just been clicking. You can almost see the light bulb go off. Its amazing! You can always feel the spirit direct those lessons. Everyone we talk to right now is really excited about the gospel. Some though are still hitting those road blocks that come when they get close to baptism. However, they are handling them pretty well.

This week we were able to go to Macon for exchanges and we had a good time. I was with another missionary that I’m good friends with. We both go home together in a few weeks and we had a good talk about our missions. We had a lesson with two investigators and we watched the hour long restoration movie and WOW, the spirit was so strong in the room during it. It was a special experience and another one that really strengthen my testimony that God loves us and knows us.

So, funny story on the way back from Macon we stopped at a gas station to fill up and my comp was going to grab a snack. So a little back story, I have been trying to eat really, really healthy for the past little while and it has been a while since I have bought anything unhealthy to eat. Well, he convinced me to buy a bag of chips and it has been forever since I have had anything like this. I’m in line and this guy walks up behind me holding 3 beers. First thing he says to me is I’m a personal trainer and I chose not to put that stuff in my body. He said have you checked to see whats in that? I don’t put stuff like that into my body. This guy straight roasted me about buying a bag of chips the whole time I was in line. As soon as I went to say something back he would start roasting me again. He would not let it go and he didn’t stop until I left the store. He didn’t even look like a personal training and plus he was holding 3 beers. That’s WAY worse then a small bag of chips. Man, it got me heated! I went off about it for probably 20 minutes to my comp. He thought it was funny that the one time I buy something bad, I got roasted.

Anyway good times.I hope ya’ll have had a good week. Thanks for all you do.

Elder Goodsell


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