Weekly Mission Report – May 22nd

Hey Ya’ll

I hope ya’ll are having a great week.  We had an awesome week!  I’m super sad that I had to leave Evans, Georgia.  After being there 14 months it feels like home, but they moved me to Auburn, Alabama.  It is a sweet town.  The people here are great and have so much Auburn pride.  It almost rivals Texan pride.  Since I use to live there, I can say that.  I love it though, it’s a super cool place.  We cover a family ward and a young single adult branch next to campus.  That is a ton of fun and we went to the branch for church yesterday.  They are a lot of fun.  We also have a ton of work going right now.  We have a couple people on date to be baptized and we taught a girl for the first time this week and committed her to baptism.  That was really neat.  She is eating up everything we tell her and she even came to church.  We had an awesome restoration lesson with her and she felt the spirit.  We were bold with her on how this will bless her life and she responded in a very positive way.

We also had a solid lesson with another guy who we didn’t think was interested.  We taught the restoration and we both had the impression to focus on priesthood authority.  As we did, he picked it up right away and everything just clicked for him.  He even pretty much taught the whole lesson over to his girlfriend when she came into the room.  He loved it and got excited about everything!  It was a solid lesson until a former meth addict that is living with him came into the room talking about having visions and speaking tongues.  The spirit straight left the room!

We had a bomb contact this week with a lady who was completely turned off to us at first.  She didn’t want to talk to us, but I kept asking her questions about herself and she finally opened up and explained her background and why she doesn’t like us.  We were able to clear stuff up and bear a powerful testimony to her that we have a special message that will be the answer to what she is searching for.  She asked us to come back by the end.

The week has been solid though, and a ton has happened.  We are constantly busy which is really nice.  We are always on the go.  I’m excited to be here and to work hard this last transfer.  My companion is great!  I met him a few months ago because we served in the same zone and even went on exchanges once.  It’s cool to be with him now.  Thank you for all your support!  Have a fantastic week.

Elder Goodsell

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