Weekly Mission Report – May 8th

Hey Ya’ll,

I hope ya’ll have had a good week. I feel like I just emailed the other day. We had a lot of meetings this last week. With Zone Conference and MLC on Friday in Macon. This week should be pretty quiet for meetings. We are only having one. So we found out at MLC that we will be making a little mission video. Not sure how this is going to turn out but it sounds pretty chill. Our Zones topic is obedience. I laughed when I saw that and said “of course.” I have no idea what we are going to film for that but we will figure it out.

Our Bible study went really well. A lot of people came and we talked about repentance and forgiveness. A lot of people opened up and shared a lot this time. It was neat and a good experience for everyone. It was a really good lesson to prepare or as well.

This week while we were contacting my companion had a really hard rejection. I felt bad for him and he was pretty ticked after. The lady was just being difficult and super ignorant. It’s all good though. I laughed about it after. To make up for it we talked to another lady who rejected us, but we didn’t walk away until she told us what her problem was. After we addressed the concern she opened up and we had a solid talk about the Book of Mormon and restoration. She then even said we could stop back by. That was bomb.

Also this week Razia our investigator got baptized. It was awesome. She was so nervous but afterward she was so happy. She got great support from the ward. She asked me to baptize her and it all went smoothly. Baptizing someone is a neat experience. I was a little nervous at first but I have been working on pushing fear out of my mind so I did and after that I could really focus on feeling the spirit which made the experience all the better.

On Tuesday of last week we decided to cross half of the Savannah River because all of these rocks were sticking up out of the water. Well, all of us at once slipped on a rock and our feet went in. One kid had is feet go out from under him and then he slammed his hip down on the rock. I thought he broke it because he fell so hard. We were laughing so hard that my comp almost fell off the rock he was standing on. While we were out there we found a good size snake. I almost caught it but he got away into the water. That was a bummer. Good times though. We also saw some people protesting to protect the Rebel Flag and Confederacy. It was super funny. They looked hilarious.

Thank you all for your support. I hope this week is a good one. We have transfer calls this week. Pray that I stay here for my last transfer. Thanks ya’ll and have a great week.

Elder Goodsell




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