Weekly Mission Report – May 1st

Hey Ya’ll,

This week started out with exchanges up to North Augusta. I was with this missionary who had only been out 3 weeks and hardly knew his area. He is also a country boy with the deepest voice I have ever heard. Everyone in the area loves his voice and accent. It was super funny. He was a cool dude though and we had a good time. We went contacting in a park and talked to a lady who said she was looking for peace. We testified of finding peace through the Book of Mormon and after that she wanted to meet again to get a copy. We also saw a 5 to 6 foot gator sunning itself. We couldn’t get to it though because it was in the middle of a pond.

We have had a bomb of a week talking to a lot of people and have had a lot of good gospel conversations with people.  We have talked a lot about peace with a lot of the people we have run into. Its a popular topic when talking about the Savior. We talked to one lady and everything was going great until we mentioned the Book of Mormon. As soon as we mentioned that she was not interested and closed the door. We found out that it was because she goes to Warren Baptist Church, which is a huge church around here. They preach a lot of anti talk about Mormons to their church members. It works pretty well to because we run into their members all the time and they think we are going to hell.  It’s pretty dumb and what’s even worse is they preach stuff that isn’t even correct and so all their members are so ignorant of what Mormons really believe. I’m not going to lie, sometimes its really hard to not call out how ignorant they are and show them how ridiculous they sound. It’s so ingrained in them that they don’t even give our words any credit. You would think they would give more credit to us as missionaries for the church who teach what we believe everyday. I pointed to my name tag and the picture of Christ I was holding and said we definitely do and she still said we didn’t.

Anyway, we have a had a good week. We had a missionary meeting yesterday that went well. Afterward, we met with our investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday. We were concerned that she was not ready and also that she was letting fear and negative thinking influence her a lot. Well, we had a discussion with our investigator about the difference between Nephi and his brothers.  We discussed how Nephi was always positive and relied on the Lord.  We then made a comparison to his brothers who were always negative and driven by fear. We then talked about using the gospel to make our lives more positive and how to create positive habits in our life. It was the bomb, and she was all good by the end of the lesson.

We are doing solid though. Nothing too crazy going on. Ya’ll have a great week and thanks for all you do.

Elder Goodsell




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