Weekly Mission Report – Mar. 27th

Hey Everyone,

I hope ya’ll have had a great week. Ours has been pretty good. We had a bomb meeting with our Stake President this past Tuesday. He talked to us for a while about contacting and talking to people. It’s what we are really trying to push right now. He gave us a lot of really good insights about how to go about talking with people we come in contact with. It’s stuff we were sorta doing and trying to figure out. He just laid it all out for us and gave us everything that we needed. It got everyone pretty fired up.

We also met with a guy this week and may be creating a ward blog post so people can submit missionary experiences. The goal is to help people become motivated and be able to read all these cool experiences happening.

Bible study was really good too. We had a good turn out and talked about the parable of the sower. We talked a lot of how people respond differently to the gospel and why Christ spoke in parables.

We had a really good Zone Conference this past week as well. The mission president is going to start running the mission a little differently. It’s really cool how he will do it. Basically, it will be helping the mission focus on one goal and by doing that it will unify the mission in our efforts. It’s a bomb idea! Our new Mission President is really starting to figure things out. He also had a meeting with me and another missionary to talk about a lot of the ideas we have done in the area. It was a solid discussion.

So last night we had a funny thing happen. We went to Young Single Adult event with another set of missionaries in the area. So, to give you a back story, we all have a lot of inside jokes. Well something during the opening hymn reminded one of the missionaries about an inside joke we have. He started laughing and so did another one. They got it under control but then during the prayer you could hear all three of them laughing. They were trying to stay silent but it was so quiet you could hear their breathing and them bouncing up and down. Everyone looked at them after the prayer. It was so awkward! Then, like a minute later, the one who started it couldn’t hold it in anymore and just snorted as he tried to hold back a laugh. He went running out of the room laughing. It was so embarrassing. We made sure he didn’t come back in the rest of the night. I was surprised I didn’t laugh because usually I would have but in my mind I had to literally keep telling myself how much of an idiot he was making himself look like. I had to get myself all mad about it to keep from laughing. It worked though. I was the only one who didn’t laugh out of the four of us. It was bad, but you better believe on the way home we all laughed about it.Its been a solid week for us.

This is going to be the last week of the transfer. I really hope I stay in this area. I only have two more transfers left before I go home and I would love to have them both here. This area is the bomb! Ya’ll have a great week!

Elder Goodsell


My hair got singed. I had a grill explode on me. I know crazy. To much gas had come out before we lit it and it made a good fire ball and got my hair.



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