Weekly Mission Report – Mar. 20th

Hey Ya’ll,

This has been a solid week. We have been focusing a lot on contacting people. I have been trying to work on my communication skills. It makes it a lot more fun to contact people when you are trying to work on a certain thing such as eye contact, small talk, or matching the mood of the person to help them feel comfortable. It’s neat and it has helped us be able to read people better and to know what they are feeling and thinking. We also have a lot of stories come out of contacting from the other missionaries. Sometimes things just come out wrong and we sound so straight dumb. It’s all good though because we always end up laughing about it. Contacting has helped us move past a lot of fear and it gives you confidence. It’s pretty solid!

We had a solid lesson with one investigator this week. She was still struggling with her faith and getting an answer. She has had some answers but is in denial about it. We were pretty bold and straight forward with her. The spirit was really strong in the lesson though and she was in tears for some of it. It ended super solid and talked a lot about having faith in God and trusting him. Trust in God is such a struggle for people sometimes which makes sense. I have been there and still struggle with it at certain times. It’s hard to work through but it’s cool to witness when people do see the blessings they receive.

Oh, also I forgot to mention that last night the cops were called on us. We were walking through our apartment complex talking to people and some one called and said we were flagging cars down. Which we didn’t do once. So my comp was about 30 yards off talking to someone and I was walking trying to find someone else when a cop pulled me over and told me about the complaint. I was like, wow, really. We had talked to a few people and did not waved one car down. None of the people we talked to were mad that we spoke with them either. It was dumb but kinda funny that it happened. We just ended up leaving.

We went to Macon this week to do exchanges and I was with an old friend. We went contacting and saw a miracle. We were driving and decided to pull over to talk to this couple walking on the side of the road. Turns out she was looking for a church and God. She straight up prayed that people like us would find her. He said he was willing to take off work every Sunday to come to church. They both asked us for a Book of Mormon. We set up a time to meet and said they couldn’t wait.

It’s been a solid week though. I hope ya’ll are all doing well and having fun. Thank you for your support and help.

Elder Goodsell


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