Weekly Mission Report – Mar. 13th

Hey Ya’ll,

It’s been a long crazy but good week. We slacked with our Bible study just a little bit and didn’t throw the lesson together until right before. It still went decent though. We have been doing it for almost 10 weeks now. It’s crazy how fast the time is flying. Our Bible study has been really good though and a big success. We also went on exchanges with other missionaries this week. That was a good time. The missionary I was with was going to do a team training with me during our missionary meeting that we had last Thursday. We put together this whole training about setting a vision and then a game plan for every week on how you will reach your vision. It is really successful. The zone got pretty stoked about it. We are about to see a lot of improvement with the work in the area like we did a month ago. The overall meeting went super well too. Afterward we had to lunch and I have decided to start eating really healthy. I brought a salad and 2 cans of tuna. I didn’t know you were suppose to drain the tuna before eating it. I just ate it straight out of the can and it was so nasty. I wanted to throw up, but I ate it. It wasn’t until the second can when I found out you should drain it. So that one was better, but still not great.

This week we were trying to contact a referral and they weren’t home so we knocked on some surrounding doors and got into one house. It was an older couple and they were super nice. We were having a great conversation about the church until they turned it to politics and how much they don’t like Democrats.  Once that happened the discussion about the church was over. We did set up a time to come back for tomorrow. Hopefully it will go well.

One of our investigators kinda flipped out this week. The missionaries had a solid lesson with her on exchanges but she just wasn’t sure about everything. She wants everything to be true. She said that she is going through a lot of trails and her life has been really hard. She said she just doesn’t see how she can receive peace and happiness, which she needs, from the gospel. We had a solid talk with her yesterday and were very blunt about stuff. It ended super well and things are all good now.

This weekend we got fed steak twice by two different people. They were the bomb! I had my first one medium rare. The second one I had rare and wow it was so good! The middle looked like it just came out of the fridge, but man, it was good. I think I will be having more of my steaks rare now. I would do fine surviving in the wilderness now. Oh, I also cooked up that bass I caught a while ago and it was bomb! I covered it in butter and lemon pepper. Then I pan fried it.

Its been a solid busy week though. I hope ya’ll had a bomb week. Thank you for all you do. Have a great day.

Elder Goodsell


The bass I caught last week




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