Weekly Mission Report – March 6th

Hey Ya’ll,

I hope all ya’ll are doing well. This has been a great week! We met with Larry (our new convert) a couple times this week and he is still feeling really good after his baptism. We are super excited for him and he seems different. He is a lot happier. It’s so nice to see him happy like this and how excited he is about stuff. We met with another investigator this week and had a solid lesson with her. We talked about who God is and why we have trials. She feels that she is going through and working through a lot right now. We were able to help her see why this isn’t a punishment and it doesn’t mean that God is not there for her. It was really good. She also came to church and enjoyed it.

We met with another guy that we have been working with for a while. He opened up this last week and really told us how he was feeling about everything. He said he still hasn’t felt like he has received an answer that the church is true. Also, even if he did, he would have a hard time giving up stuff to live the commandments. He also indicated that he would have to give up his social life, which would definitely be really hard for him. We have tried so many different things to help him but nothing has worked. He does really like the church though and he recognizes a lot of blessings that could come from it. We are going to keep trying things though and see what we can do. He hasn’t given up yet. Yesterday, a former Orthodox priest from the middle east came to the church to do a fireside and tell us about the struggles of early Christians. It was really neat. He spoke the language that Christ spoke and showed us a lot of neat things. He even showed us how off some of the Bible verses are because of missed translations. It was really fascinating! We also had another interesting experience at a dinner this last week. It’s not to uncommon to meet southerners who are still bitter about the Civil War, but this last week we met a guy who is pretty extreme. He went off for 45 minutes on how terrible Abraham Lincoln was and how the South should still be the Confederacy and all this stuff. It was pretty crazy! The guy was very passionate about it. I have heard some passionate people about the subject down here, but this guys takes it. He has done a lot research and has really studied this stuff. It was pretty wild!

Also last week we went fishing and my first and only cast of the day I caught a large mouth bass. After that I cleaned him up and he is chillin in my freezer right now. I’m excited to eat him. We just haven’t had time to cook the joker yet.

Thank you all for your support though. I appreciate it. Have a great week.

Elder Goodsell



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