Weekly Mission Report – Feb 27th

Hey Ya’ll,

We have had a solid week. I hope ya’lls week was great. We had some bomb lessons with two investigators this week. We talked a lot about concerns they had and were able to work things out. They both ended up coming to church. One of them has gotten super involved with the young single adults which has been a huge blessing. People just seem to flock to her and fellowship her really well. Its awesome! Our other investigator has been struggling to feel the spirit and I think he felt it in church this last week. We will be talking to him about it this Wednesday. He is awesome! We have become really good friends. He gave me a huge thing of Gold Standard Protein this last week that he didn’t want. That was a huge blessing because I hate dropping money on that stuff.

My comp and I also had a really cool experience this week. There is a girl in the Stevens Creek Ward area who has wanted to get baptized for years but her mom is so against the church and especially missionaries. It’s so bad that this girl started paying for her own phone so her mom would stop taking it away every time she talked to missionaries. Well, she has been meeting again with the missionaries in that area for the last couple months. When I was here before I knew of her but we didn’t teach her. Anyway, she lives in our area but goes to the other ward because that is where people have been fellowshipping her. We were up around her house and I had the thought to text her and see if she wanted us to knock on her door and talk to her mom. She said to go for it and so we did. I was scared to death. My heart was about to come right out of my darn chest. The plan was to act like we were tracting in the neighborhood and happened to knock on her door. We were also going to pretend that we didn’t know her. So that’s what we did. The mom opened the door and we ended up having an amazing talk with her about Christ and how we can find happiness in life. We talked about prayer and recognizing blessings in our life. It was solid! She was really nice to us too. She didn’t once bring up her daughter meeting with the missionaries though. She kept that secret the whole time. I even tried to say things that would lead her to tell us and she still didn’t crack. I was impressed. So we left and later that night we get a call from that girl and she told us that her mom mentioned that we stopped by. She said her mom was happy and in a good mood and really liked us. She said that she was ok with her getting baptized! She still doesn’t want her too but she wants her to do what will make her happy. The girl said it was crazy the difference in her mom after that. That was a really cool experience for us.

We also had a baptism this week as well. It went super well. The spirit was really strong and he asked me to confirm him. That was a really neat experience. The spirit was really strong and you could see it all over his face. He was so happy.

It’s been a pretty solid week though. Oh, and last thing, you think we would have learned our lesson with fire, but no. We made a bonfire during our service project this week and were jumping it! Nothing bad happened, but we did have a scare. I was the first one to try to jump it and the ground was all wet around it because we had been spraying it down with a hose. When I planted my foot to jump, I slid on the mud and just about fell into the fire. Somehow, I managed to still jump and barley make it over, but wow, I could feel the heat on my rear end. The fire warmed my backside right up!

Thank you all for all you do. Have a great week.

Elder Goodsell


Our investigator who got baptized this week


I promise there were legit flames when we jumped it. It wasn’t just smoke.


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