Weekly Mission Report – Feb 22nd

Hey Everyone,

This has been a pretty good week. I hope ya’lls was great. So first, we didn’t end up having a baptism. It will be this Saturday at 5  pm. Things came up last Saturday and we had to push it back. Larry is still really excited though for his baptism. It should be a great experience for him. I know he will love it. This last week I was able to go on exchanges to my old area. I talked to a kid I was really good friends with when I was here last. We talked a lot about the church and why we follow all the stuff that we do. It was a really good talk.  A few days after that, he went back to those missionaries and told them he would like to be baptized and asked what he has to do. So that was really neat.

We also have been having another one of our investigators getting really involved in a lot of activities at the church. She has been really welcomed and a lot of the young single adults will text her every day.

So I witnessed one of the funniest, but also one of the scariest things of my life. We were helping a member with her house and she asked me to grill burgers and hot dogs for lunch. So I go out there and get the grill all set up. Well, the darn charcoals would not stay lit. The wind kept putting them out. It was driving me insane.  Another missionary came over and I told him what the deal was. Well, this Bro says “oh, dude I got this.” He grabs the huge bottle of lighter fluid, he squirts half of it into the grill. He then squats down, sticks his hand in the grill with the lighter and lights it. I’m watching this whole thing and thinking like wow he is really about to do this. The grill exploded into a ball of fire. I was 5 feet away and it almost got me. I watched this joker disappear in a ball of fire. Next thing I know, he comes running out of the fire with smoke coming out of his hair. The dude caught his hair on fire for a quick second. Something you have to know about this kid is he is from Las Vegas and cares so much about his hair. So anyway, he is yelling and I’m laughing and so is everyone else in the backyard. They were laughing at what he was saying but they didn’t know what had happened. When he turned around he looked like one of those cartoon characters that blows them self up. His arm hair, eye brows, eye lashes, and hair were all singed bad. He looked terrible and his hand was burned really bad. When he really freaked out though was when he felt his hair and noticed how bad it was. In the end, he ended up having burns on his hand but the rest of him came out okay except for the singed hair. So that was pretty wild to witness.

This Monday we went golfing and I did better then normal, which wasn’t good. To tell you how bad we were, between 4 of us we lost 48 balls by hole 14. So yeah we did really bad. It was legit though and we had a good time. I only threw a golf club twice and hit one house. That game can get really frustrating.

Also, transfers was this week and on the way there we blew a tire. We ended up walking to a tow place and got picked up by a member. Our president called us and told us not to even worry about coming to transfers anymore. They had a senior couple bring us our new companions because they had to drop stuff off in Augusta anyway. So that was an adventure. My new comp is Elder Walker. I took his spot when I came to Evans over a year ago and now he is back with me but on the other half of Evans. Well, I think that’s all for this week. Ya’ll have a good one and thanks for all you do!

Elder Goodsell

Bible Study

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