Weekly Mission Report – Feb. 13th

Hey Everyone,

This has been a pretty bomb week. We had the word of wisdom talk with one of our investigators who is on date to be baptized and he was not too stoked about that. Beer is a big part of his social life like most people in the army. We had some members at the discussion who helped share their thoughts and by the end of the night he understood it and it all made sense. He still isn’t stoked about it though. Later in the week we had a great lesson about prophets and faith with this same investigator. The guy is a stud! We also started to set up a baptism for another one of our investigators. It was suppose to be this Saturday, but some conflicts came up and it may happen either Friday or Sunday. We will see. This investigator is so stoked to be baptized. He cant stop talking about it.

This week I got to interview a lady for baptism and it was an amazing experience. She cried during both prayers. She bore her testimony to me, and when I shared some scriptures with her she started crying even more. The spirit was very strong throughout the entire interview. You could tell this lady is ready and prepared for baptism. It was pretty neat.

We also had a cool experience with another one of our investigators this week. We took her on a church tour, which went alright.  However, we finished the tour in the chapel and while we were in the chapel we had an amazing conversation about prayer and faith. The spirit in the chapel is great! You could feel the difference when you walked into it compared to the rest of the building. She felt that difference and she almost cried. We also got her to go to a YSA activity which she really enjoyed. We have tons of work right now which is awesome! Our bible study is going great as well. We have a lot of members, to less actives, and investigators who attend.

Stake Conference was this last week as well and Elder De Feo who is a member of the seventy attended.  He spoke on faith, blocking out negative voices, and going after “the one.” It was awesome!

Today was pretty legit! We went fishing, made a fire, and cooked hot dogs over the fire. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I blew a tire this week which was so dumb. I pulled up next to a curb and a sharp piece of concrete sticking out of the curb ripped the tire open. So we had to change the darn thing and take it to be fixed. We walked around Augusta, Georgia though and saw the front entrance to the Masters. We also had a guy buy us Five Guys. That was really nice! Anyway, I think that is the majority of what happened this week. Thanks for all your support. Have a fantastic, bomb of a week!

Elder Goodsell


Front Entrance to the Masters in Augusta, Georgia


Fixing our flat tire


Bible Study


Bible Study


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