Weekly Mission Report – Jan. 23th

Hey Ya’ll,

This has been a great week! I hope ya’lls week was great. We had our Bible study again at the beginning of the week which went well. We talked about baptism and the baptism of Jesus. We had pretty good attendance. We had a lot of solid lessons this week as well. We have been using flash cards with one of our investigators who is getting baptized next month to help him remember words and it has been working really well. He is really looking forward to his baptism. We also saw another investigator this week who we haven’t seen in awhile. He is 25 and works with the military and does really well financially. He has realized though that all the stuff he has doesn’t bring lasting happiness and that there is an empty void in his life. He also talked to us about why he met with the missionaries and his thoughts about it all. It was a solid discussion and we hope to put him on date to be baptized soon.

This past Saturday, we had a baptism of two kids that we have been teaching the past couple weeks. They were so excited to be baptized and the baptism was great! Everyone loved it. We had it in Spanish since they were a Spanish family. The kids are awesome and they remembered everything we taught them so well. Even the 7 year old who sat in on the lessons could tell us everything about each lesson. It was really impressive.

Last night was pretty good too. We went late into a neighborhood to try to contact some Spanish people and it worked pretty well . We had some good lessons come from it and some new people to go teach. Its been fun being involved in the Spanish speaking side of missionary work.

Today we went fishing and it was a total bust. We fished two ponds and we didn’t even get a hit. Next week though we should be hitting up a good pond. Its been one good solid week though. I hope ya’ll have a great week and thanks for all you do.

Elder Goodsell



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