Weekly Mission Report – Jan. 16th

Hey Ya’ll,

This has been a great week. I hope ya’lls was great as well. My new companion is a Spanish speaking missionary. Between the two of us, we are now running two areas. A Spanish area and English area. We get to travel around the stake to see Spanish members. We have a vision of putting the old Spanish branch back together and so we have been making plans on how to do that. It is going to be awesome! We will be so busy and will have to do splits with members a lot to cover both areas. On top of all, this we have a lot of work as a district that we are trying to do.

This last Tuesday we had our first new Bible study night. Lots of people showed up and it went really well. We used bible videos and had a lot of group discussions. People loved it. We have our second one tomorrow. It was cool to see how successful it was especially after the weeks of work we have put in to create the class. We also hope to role out a new family mission plan to the wards here soon.

On top of all this we will be having a baptism this Saturday for two of our investigators. They are two Spanish kids that we have been working with for a couple of weeks. We had a bomb lesson of the restoration this last week. The kids love us and always give us hugs when they see us. The family is awesome too.  This will be a big step for the branch. We are going to try to get a lot of the less active members there. It should be awesome!

We also had our zone meeting this last week. It went really well and our zone has been catching fire with missionary work. The zone basically has just stepped up their game a lot in the last couple weeks. We are leading the mission in a couple things which always gets people stoked.

We have a ton of work right now and its awesome. It has been nice to be busy, and we are exhausted every night by the time we get home. My bed has never felt so good in my life like it has these past couple of weeks. I sleep like a rock at night which is unusual for me. Its pretty nice though. Anyway, thank you all for your support and all you do. Have a great week!

Elder Goodsell


Frisbee in the mud.  It snowed for about 20 minutes!


This is our district showing off the numbers we achieved this week. We set a couple records! We aren’t prideful at all….ha ha.


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