Weekly Mission Report – Jan. 9th

Hello Ya’ll,

This has been a bomb week! I hope ya’ll had a great week. First, on Saturday we played Frisbee in the snow which was awesome! It didn’t collect on the ground and only snowed for around 20 minutes. It was super cool to just see snow. It was so cold though. We got very muddy because the field was soaked from all the rain we have been getting. So many of us slipped and fell. We finally got to the point that we didn’t even care if we fell in the mud.

We also have 3 people that should be getting baptized in the next month. They are all really solid. All of them can’t wait. My companion found out he is getting transferred this week. We are all really bummed about that. He is the only one in the whole district moving which is really unusual for here. I am almost positive that I am getting a Spanish missionary for my next companion which will be really good. I know him too and he is a solid guy. We need him here because their is a lot of Spanish work. In fact, two of the people getting baptized soon are Spanish. I took Spanish in High School, but I sound like an idiot if I try to speak it so it will be good for him to be here. I’ll have him teach me.

This week was the bomb for our district. We did a lot of contacting and taught over 80 lessons. Usually, we teach around 20 lessons for the week as a district but our Stake President opened our eyes to a concept we never thought of and it changed are view on things and what is possible. It has been crazy! I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but for here, it is. It has caught the attention of a lot of people. Ha ha, our Mission President wants to know our secret and how we are dong it. We have been blessed and have had a lot of miracles come these past few weeks with the work we have been putting in. The Lord is being very kind to us. Tomorrow, we start up our new Bible class that we have been working on for awhile. I’ll be teaching with my companion. We are praying all will go well. This week we will be busy with transfers and our zone training meeting.

Also, our shower hasn’t been draining very well since I got here. I then had the great idea to clean my super muddy shoes from Frisbee in it and it clogged it right up. So I started to clean it out and found the nastiest stuff in the drain. Whoever lived here before left lots of long hair to pull out of the drain. I was gagging the whole time!

Anyway, have a great week. Thanks for all you do.

Elder Goodsell



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