Weekly Mission Report – Dec. 26th

Hello Ya’ll,

I hope all ya’ll had a great Christmas. Ours was awesome! We opened gifts in the morning with Brother Welch. We then had an awesome Christmas program at church. Our investigator getting baptized this week brought her parents who are against it and they definitely felt the spirit. That was super cool! We then had a lunch with the Tippetts. That was cool because they picked me up for transfers a year ago to go to the Stevens Creek area (the other ward here). It was crazy to be eating at their house a year later. We then Skyped and had dinner with Sister Lawry. She is awesome and we had a ton of fun over there.

This week we also had our Christmas Conference. It went really well but also was really long. We had to drive to Statesboro, GA for it and it didn’t end until close to 5 pm. We got back super late afterward. I was able to see a lot of old friends though. They had a lot of music and training’s during the conference. We also had a gift exchange and watched a movie that I have never heard of before. It was about some sister missionaries and was really weird.

So we were able to take one of our investigators to a members small farm this week and he loved it. He really misses the woods in Pittsburg and so this was really cool for him. He loves animals and knows a ton about them. We had a great lesson with him after as well. He is progressing right now pretty well and we see him again tomorrow.

P-day was awesome today. We explored the Savannah river and the woods around it. We were originally going to try to catch some turtles today but none of them were out because of the weather. Hopefully, next time they will be out.

Thank you all for all you do. Have a great rest of the holiday.

Elder Goodsell



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