Weekly Mission Report – Nov 28th

Hello Ya’ll,

Hope ya’ll have had a great week and an awesome thanksgiving. We did! I felt so sick by the end of the day from all the food we had. We ate at only two houses but we had so much food at both places. This has been a week of eating. We went to an awesome sushi buffet that was really nice. We also had several other big southern meals at peoples houses. I never thought I would say it, but I’m getting sick of eating.

This week I had someone put a flashlight taser to me. It couldn’t have been that powerful because it didn’t feel like people said it would. It didn’t hurt that bad. I really wanted to know what it felt like and a guy we were working with had a girlfriend who had one. So I asked them to do it and they wouldn’t. They were too scared so they had their roommate do it. It was pretty fun. I was freaking out though because I thought it was going to hurt really bad.

So this week we also got to help someone with their yard in Glennville. We pulled a lot of bushes out of the ground with a truck. It was pretty awesome! We went up to Reidsville this week which is way out there. We found two kids who want to get baptized. That was super cool and they are promising, unlike most others we find. The challenge will be that they are so far away. It’s like an hour drive to get out there. It’s a country town.

Our investigators that had some issues a while back are back on board. They came to church activities this week and also to church. They loved it and we also talked about the importance of the temple. They loved it! Especially being able to do work for the dead and the peace you can feel in the temple. I also found out this week that I am going to be transferred tomorrow. Augusta is opening up and I’m really hoping to go there. We will see though. I have been saying bye to a lot of people here. Today we also went to Savannah for P-day. We got to walk down river street and go on a little tour. Savannah is awesome! The city is really historic and cool looking.

Well, I hope ya’ll have a great week and thank you for everything you do.

Elder Goodsell




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