Weekly Mission Report – Nov 21st

Hey Everybody,

Hope ya’ll are all doing well. It seems like everyone here is getting sick it. Something is going around. Fortunately, I haven’t gotten sick yet. Last week was alright. We did a family home evening for the single soldiers. We had a fire in our new fire pit and talked about the refiners fire. It went really well. We also worked everything out with our investigators this week. They are back on track! She is going to move out at the end of the month so she can be baptized on Christmas eve! He is back on board, but still wants to wait a little bit. A lot of progress was made this week with them. We are super stoked about that! They also came to church and just loved it! So, everything is going well with them right now. Hopefully it can stay that way.

This last week was also a special week on the military base here. They had a lot of stuff going on. One thing the military did was set up all the military vehicles and helicopters to be displayed. We could get in them and the soldiers would tell you how everything worked and all that good stuff. It was so sweet! I thought for sure I would like the tank the most but I enjoyed the helicopters a lot more. After seeing all that stuff it almost convinced me that the army is a good idea………almost.

We also worked in a lady’s yard that is getting through cancer. She needed her yard to be raked really bad. So we helped her with that. Other than that, not to much happened this week. We had a zone conference as well. It was great and they talked a lot about recognizing the spirit.

Thank you all for your support and help. I hope all of ya’ll have an awesome thanksgiving!

Elder Goodsell







One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Nov 21st

  1. You look like a natural sitting in that helicopter, Austin! 🙂 And if that last picture is of the yard you helped clean, it certainly was in need of a good cleaning!! The people there are very fortunate to have you — you are a blessing in their lives, just as you are for your family. Lots of love and prayers.


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