Weekly Mission Report – Nov 14th

Hey Everybody,

Hope Ya’ll have had a great week. Ours has been pretty busy. First, our investigators who want to get baptized dropped us. They were concerned out about something that someone told them. Luckily we convinced them to let us see them one more time. We were able to go over and clear everything up. Apparently, someone had told them that once you are
baptized that the church watches your bank account and takes money from you. It’s crazy what incorrect information is out there about the church. I have heard a lot, but that was a new one. So when we left, things were good. When we came back later that week the new problem was that he didn’t want to separate and she was totally OK with it. He has been talking to her a lot about it and it’s getting to her head. They are also not super excited about tithing. So, these are the problems we are running into right now. She still wants to move forward and he is not sure anymore. This week we are hoping to work everything out. Also, this week we also received a ton of referrals. We spent a lot of time contacting these. We have a few new investigators from it.

We also had a Stake wide country boil this week. That was way fun. They did shrimp instead of crawfish, but it was still good. We went with some single members of the military. Their were some people larping in the field next to us.  Larping is acting out a historical event dressed in that time period. That was fun to watch.

We also helped these people rake their front yard. They probably had 20 big piles of pine needles and we lit about half on fire. It looked like a war zone in the front yard. It was pretty awesome! We also brushed our teeth with the ash. Someone told me that makes your teeth white so we tried it. I don’t think it worked. Anyway, it has been a good week. Hope ya’ll have a great week. Have fun and thanks for all ya’ll do.

Elder Goodsell


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