Weekly Mission Report – Nov 7th

Hey Ya’ll,

Hope all ya’ll are doing well and had a great week. This has been another busy week. So, after we went fishing last Monday we came home and deep fried the fish. We also pretty much deep fried everything else we could. We made deep fried catfish, bass, bream, okra, onion rings, french fries, oreos, chicken, and I think that was about all. It was so good though. We were frying for 2-1/2 hours. So, down here we eat honey on our fried chicken and some one so happened to give us honey from their beehive last week. Darn, was that honey and chicken good! It was some of the best I have ever had. That night we had to stay in for Halloween, so we did some activities with the singles and senior missionary couple at our house.

The next day we went on exchanges. I was able to go with one of my good friends out here. That’s always fun. We taught the word of wisdom that night to our investigators who are trying to get baptized. I had the feeling to give them a special commitment. I told them that if they pray everyday for the strength to give up their habits that by Sunday they would be done. Well ya’ll, it happened. They took it serious and they are clean! They even shared with us at church some amazing experiences as to how they lived it. It was so cool! I’m super happy for them right now. So after we drop that one on them, we also needed to tell them that they had to get married or move to separate living places. After church we told them and they understood and it sounds like they are in the process of trying to make arrangements to live separately. They are blowing me away with how faithful they are and its amazing to be apart of it!

Also this week we had our big leadership meeting in Macon. That went pretty well, but after the meeting, we got a new car. They gave us a brand new 2017 Chevy Malibu with just over 100 miles on it. It is so nice and I love driving it! I feel pretty legit! This morning we also dug a fire pit in the back yard. We had to go find rocks for it in a ditch. That was an adventure! I don’t know why it has taken me so long to think of this idea, but we thought of it and did it this morning. Hopefully, in a little bit we can use it for the first time. Things are going well here though. I thank all ya’ll for your support. Hope ya’ll have a great week!

Elder Goodsell


Preparing the Catfish


Fried Catfish



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