Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 24th

Hello Everyone,

Hope ya’ll have had a great week. This has been an eventful one for me. Monday night before transfers Elder Gillins and I decided to trap a raccoon in our back porch at night. So we slept downstairs next to it and set up traps. We put some traps out there and went to bed. Well, I wake up at 6:30 am, look out outside and to my surprise everything is moved around and there is a darn raccoon sitting just outside the porch eating a bone. I ran outside to get him but he got away. He managed to get the food, avoid our traps and get off of the porch. That joker! I wanted to make a coon hat so bad.

Well, Elder Gillins is gone and now I have Elder Munn as a companion. Its been interesting. On the way back from transfers I mentioned to the member taking us that I tried to catch a raccoon. Well, this member was a champ, and on Sunday at church he brought me one already skinned and ready to go. I didn’t even ask. I couldn’t believe it!

Also this week, a new senior couple got here. They are awesome! They have more greenie fire then anyone I know. The guy had a stoke 9 years ago and can barley use the right side of his body. He also talks super slow. His faith is amazing though and so is his story. His wife though is super talkative. She talks a ton and is super outgoing. She just wants to tell everyone in Hinesville about the gospel and baptize all of them. Its great! She has already found multiple people for us to teach. I have had to help them a lot though because they are all new to the area and house. I have been answering a lot of questions.

We had two awesome lessons this week. One was a referral from the senior couple. The lady started crying at the very beginning of the lesson when we said a pray with her. She loved it and wants to know more really bad. The couple I told ya’ll about last week came to church and we put the lady on date to be baptized. We are shooting for Nov. 26th. Her boyfriend unfortunately is going to basic training for 6 months and we will no longer be able teach him. It’s awesome though. They loved church and everything about it. We are being blessed a lot right now.

On Saturday we also got to go on a fun adventure. We had to take a car from Hinesville up to Beaufort, exchange cars with the missionaries there and take their car to Rincon, exchange cars, and take that car to the Statesboro sisters because they don’t have one right now. They wrecked theirs. It was a lot of driving. We left at 11:30 am and didn’t get back until around 4:45 pm. It was fun though and Beaufort is so nice. I don’t know why, but South Carolina is just really nice. You can tell as soon as you go over the border.

Anyway a lot has happened as you can see and its been good. We just pray the work continues to pick up. Hope ya’ll are all doing well and thank you for your prayers. Have a fantastic week!

Elder Goodsell


Hiking through a swamp on P-day looking for snakes and gators



My raccoon skin and the church member who gave it to me



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