Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 11th

Hey Ya’ll,

Boy has this week been an adventure. So, as many of you know Hurricane Matthew hit Georgia. Where I’m at in Hinesville, Georgia is close to the coast so we did get hit pretty hard. Unfortunately, for me I missed the storm. Friday, the day the storm hit, we had MLC up in Macon. Because of the storm, we had to leave Thursday to drive to Macon. Well, that drive is typically 3 hours. It took us over 6. They had both inbound and outbound lanes open to only outbound traffic heading to Macon. Of course, with the mandatory evacuations of the Savannah County the Interstate was packed. It was stop and go for awhile. Once we finally got to Macon we stayed in the mission home. The meeting the next day was great! Really spiritual, but of course we were curious what the storm was doing. We would have gotten to stay if the meeting hadn’t landed on that Friday. We were super bummed that we were missing it. Well, after the meeting we drove down to Douglas, Georgia to stay with the Zone Leaders there. That was a party. It rained the whole drive! Also, the entire time, while all of this was going on we were been on the phone 24/7 because we had to evacuate half our zone. So we were constantly on the phone with the president, missionaries, and members to work everything out. We were going to have elders stay at our place during the storm but they ended up being sent to Alma, Georgia. So, Saturday morning we wake up, make a few phone calls and get the clear to go back to Hinesville. On the way we were 3 miles outside of Hinesville and the the road was closed. See, the nice thing about Georgia is that you can always find back roads to get anywhere. So that’s what we did. When we finally got to Hinesville we checked on the apartments of the missionaries in our area and also checked out our house. We were lucky and only had a big tree branch fall in the yard. We had 2 trees that fell kinda into our yard from the golf course next door. We had no water damage and our power was only out for I think half a day or so. Hinesville got hit kinda hard though. Power was out everywhere because trees had fallen on power lines all over the place. We couldn’t get to the church without taking back roads because trees had fallen across the road taking all the power lines with them. Many people have trees down on their houses. The Walmart shelves are empty right now. It is pretty wild! I don’t think much flooding happened here. Savannah we hear is really bad though. We have heard people have up to 3 feet of flooding. We have some elders staying with us right now because they still aren’t cleared to go back into the Savannah area. Their power is still out. Most of Hinesville has power but for a couple places.

Since we have been back it has been non stop service. We have loved it! It has been great helping everyone. Church was canceled and we went out and helped people all day. I have some bad blisters from all the raking we have been doing. Lots of people need help right now though and we have been grateful that we have the opportunity to help them. We cleaned up one our neighbors yards who evacuated and is still not home. We felt bad for them because they had 3 big trees fall on their carport. We also have had a couple BBQ’s with people because that is the only way they could cook at the time. That was our Hurricane experience. We are still dealing with the aftermath and trying to get everything straightened out.

Other than all that the only other big thing that had happened was that we got to finish our knives we made out of old railroad spikes yesterday. I made mine look super rugged like a camping knife should be!

I hope ya’lls week has been great. Thank you for your prayers and everything you do.

Elder Goodsell


Heading to MLC meeting in all of the hurricane evacuation traffic.  You will notice we are driving in the inbound lanes of the interstate that were turned into outbound lanes for the evacuation.


Attending MLC Meeting in Macon, Georgia


Sleeping at the mission home


Hurricane damage in Hinesville, Georgia


Hurricane damage in Hinesville, Georgia


Me, sitting in a large tree blown over by the hurricane.  The trees down here have lots of moss in them.


Arriving at our home after the hurricane.


Our neighbors house.


Tree fallen across the road.


The knife I made out of an old railroad spike at our friend who has a blacksmith shop.


One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 11th

  1. I knew Heavenly Father would watch over y’all during this, but what an ordeal. I admire your upbeat attitude — your great-grandpa Cash was always a positive person just like that. And I love the knife you made from the railroad spike. You could make and sell those and make a lot of money! 🙂 Continue with your good works — both teaching the gospel and serving in all the ways you do. I know God is so happy to have you there. Love, Aunt Carol


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