Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 3rd

Hey Ya’ll,

This week has been great. Last P-day was awesome. My companion and I decided to go explore the forest and see what we could find. So we just walked into this forest on a pond and hiked around. We got really deep into it and you couldn’t tell where you came from. So we eventually found our way back and popped out on a different side of the pond. It was great! Unfortunately, we didn’t run up on anything cool or any wild life like we were hoping. It was still fun though trying to find our way back and hiking through the dense woods. I’m sure when we popped out of the woods, it surprised the other guys across the pond. The area we popped out of was so thick you couldn’t see more then 5 feet in front of you. It was kinda funny. We looked like lost boys that finally found civilization.

The next day I went on exchanges to Pooler, Georgia. I was with a greenie (new missionary). All I got to say is I hope I was not that awkward when I was green.

Later that week we taught a great restoration lesson to one of our investigators. It went so well. The spirit testified to him of the things we said. He said by the way we explained it that it all made sense. Something I have realized down here, because of all the churches on every corner, you have to really emphasize the priesthood in the restoration lesson. If they don’t understand the importance of the priesthood they really don’t get why the church is any different then all the other ones. Especially why they would have to get baptized again. Even though we have the Book of Mormon, if they can understand the priesthood then everything clicks. So that is what we focus on and it has worked miracles.

Conference was great this week. I loved the first talk given and the talks on repentance. I thought they were amazing. It was cool to see Elders Uceda and Meurs speak. They are the leaders that visited the mission. Also, one of the other members of the seventy who spoke also visited the Augusta stake while I was there. So to see all 3 of them speak this general conference was very neat. They are all amazing!

Today has been awesome. A guy in the ward does a lot of blacksmith stuff as a hobby and we have been making a knife out of a railroad spike with him. Hopefully, next week it will be done.

Thank you all for what you do. I hope ya’ll have a fantastic week.



Me trying out my blacksmith skills


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