Month: October 2016

Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 31st


Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 24th

Hello Everyone,

Hope ya’ll have had a great week. This has been an eventful one for me. Monday night before transfers Elder Gillins and I decided to trap a raccoon in our back porch at night. So we slept downstairs next to it and set up traps. We put some traps out there and went to bed. Well, I wake up at 6:30 am, look out outside and to my surprise everything is moved around and there is a darn raccoon sitting just outside the porch eating a bone. I ran outside to get him but he got away. He managed to get the food, avoid our traps and get off of the porch. That joker! I wanted to make a coon hat so bad.

Well, Elder Gillins is gone and now I have Elder Munn as a companion. Its been interesting. On the way back from transfers I mentioned to the member taking us that I tried to catch a raccoon. Well, this member was a champ, and on Sunday at church he brought me one already skinned and ready to go. I didn’t even ask. I couldn’t believe it!

Also this week, a new senior couple got here. They are awesome! They have more greenie fire then anyone I know. The guy had a stoke 9 years ago and can barley use the right side of his body. He also talks super slow. His faith is amazing though and so is his story. His wife though is super talkative. She talks a ton and is super outgoing. She just wants to tell everyone in Hinesville about the gospel and baptize all of them. Its great! She has already found multiple people for us to teach. I have had to help them a lot though because they are all new to the area and house. I have been answering a lot of questions.

We had two awesome lessons this week. One was a referral from the senior couple. The lady started crying at the very beginning of the lesson when we said a pray with her. She loved it and wants to know more really bad. The couple I told ya’ll about last week came to church and we put the lady on date to be baptized. We are shooting for Nov. 26th. Her boyfriend unfortunately is going to basic training for 6 months and we will no longer be able teach him. It’s awesome though. They loved church and everything about it. We are being blessed a lot right now.

On Saturday we also got to go on a fun adventure. We had to take a car from Hinesville up to Beaufort, exchange cars with the missionaries there and take their car to Rincon, exchange cars, and take that car to the Statesboro sisters because they don’t have one right now. They wrecked theirs. It was a lot of driving. We left at 11:30 am and didn’t get back until around 4:45 pm. It was fun though and Beaufort is so nice. I don’t know why, but South Carolina is just really nice. You can tell as soon as you go over the border.

Anyway a lot has happened as you can see and its been good. We just pray the work continues to pick up. Hope ya’ll are all doing well and thank you for your prayers. Have a fantastic week!

Elder Goodsell


Hiking through a swamp on P-day looking for snakes and gators



My raccoon skin and the church member who gave it to me


Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 17th

Hey Ya’ll,

This week has been great! We have been doing service every day this week. Things are starting to look normal here again. It’s amazing how fast they can fix everything. We still have a lot of trees down and everything is still pilled on the side of the road but things are looking good. Luckily, no one in the ward really got hit that hard. We are planning on going out this Saturday as a ward to go help people. We helped this one guy last week who asked us so many questions while we were raking. He asked so many that we never got to finish the yard. We are going back tomorrow to finish. He asked us to come back to keep talking though. He is Catholic and has lots of questions about our faith. It’s interesting how similar our religions are. All this yard work that we have done has given me two big blisters on my thumbs. They both popped and have been rubbed raw so much that they have turned into scabs. Then they keep splitting in the middle, so I have this deep crack in the middle of the scabs.  Ouch! Basically my thumbs look like they are about to fall off. I refuse to put a band aid on though, because I just don’t wear band aids. To me personally it’s a man thing. I just cant get myself to wear a little band aid. I only dress up a wound if its big enough for a real bandage. They are starting to heal though.

We had ZTM this week. One of the STL’s gave a training on the talk President Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave in the Women’s Session of General Conference called “Fourth Floor, Last Door.” It was awesome! The talk is amazing and the spirit felt from the talk was incredible. This week a miracle happened. We found a couple who wants to be baptized! They ran into members of the church while staying somewhere and met with the missionaries the 3 weeks they were there and now they want to learn more about the gospel and be baptized. We just pray that their fire continues and that they will move forward. We taught them about the restoration and like I mentioned before, we emphasized the priesthood and they loved it. They kept talking about how much it makes sense that people need priesthood authority. Then at the end of the lesson the thing every missionary dreads happened. The guy turned to his wife and said you need to be baptized. I have already been baptized but you need to be. But then she said “um, no you haven’t been baptized by someone holding the proper authority, so you need to be baptized too.” Ha ha!! You should have seen his face when it all clicked. He said your right, I do need to be baptized again. Man it was awesome! We were all laughing. See, this happens a lot in the Bible Belt where you teach them and they just cant get over the fact that they need to be baptized again. This time she got it and saved the day. It was great!

So, its been a pretty good week. I hope ya’ll have had a great week. We have transfers tomorrow and I’ll be getting a new companion. I’m excited to see what happens, but said my companion is leaving because he has probably been my favorite. Ya’ll have a great week. Thanks for all you do.

Elder Goodsell


Me looking into a beehive

Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 11th

Hey Ya’ll,

Boy has this week been an adventure. So, as many of you know Hurricane Matthew hit Georgia. Where I’m at in Hinesville, Georgia is close to the coast so we did get hit pretty hard. Unfortunately, for me I missed the storm. Friday, the day the storm hit, we had MLC up in Macon. Because of the storm, we had to leave Thursday to drive to Macon. Well, that drive is typically 3 hours. It took us over 6. They had both inbound and outbound lanes open to only outbound traffic heading to Macon. Of course, with the mandatory evacuations of the Savannah County the Interstate was packed. It was stop and go for awhile. Once we finally got to Macon we stayed in the mission home. The meeting the next day was great! Really spiritual, but of course we were curious what the storm was doing. We would have gotten to stay if the meeting hadn’t landed on that Friday. We were super bummed that we were missing it. Well, after the meeting we drove down to Douglas, Georgia to stay with the Zone Leaders there. That was a party. It rained the whole drive! Also, the entire time, while all of this was going on we were been on the phone 24/7 because we had to evacuate half our zone. So we were constantly on the phone with the president, missionaries, and members to work everything out. We were going to have elders stay at our place during the storm but they ended up being sent to Alma, Georgia. So, Saturday morning we wake up, make a few phone calls and get the clear to go back to Hinesville. On the way we were 3 miles outside of Hinesville and the the road was closed. See, the nice thing about Georgia is that you can always find back roads to get anywhere. So that’s what we did. When we finally got to Hinesville we checked on the apartments of the missionaries in our area and also checked out our house. We were lucky and only had a big tree branch fall in the yard. We had 2 trees that fell kinda into our yard from the golf course next door. We had no water damage and our power was only out for I think half a day or so. Hinesville got hit kinda hard though. Power was out everywhere because trees had fallen on power lines all over the place. We couldn’t get to the church without taking back roads because trees had fallen across the road taking all the power lines with them. Many people have trees down on their houses. The Walmart shelves are empty right now. It is pretty wild! I don’t think much flooding happened here. Savannah we hear is really bad though. We have heard people have up to 3 feet of flooding. We have some elders staying with us right now because they still aren’t cleared to go back into the Savannah area. Their power is still out. Most of Hinesville has power but for a couple places.

Since we have been back it has been non stop service. We have loved it! It has been great helping everyone. Church was canceled and we went out and helped people all day. I have some bad blisters from all the raking we have been doing. Lots of people need help right now though and we have been grateful that we have the opportunity to help them. We cleaned up one our neighbors yards who evacuated and is still not home. We felt bad for them because they had 3 big trees fall on their carport. We also have had a couple BBQ’s with people because that is the only way they could cook at the time. That was our Hurricane experience. We are still dealing with the aftermath and trying to get everything straightened out.

Other than all that the only other big thing that had happened was that we got to finish our knives we made out of old railroad spikes yesterday. I made mine look super rugged like a camping knife should be!

I hope ya’lls week has been great. Thank you for your prayers and everything you do.

Elder Goodsell


Heading to MLC meeting in all of the hurricane evacuation traffic.  You will notice we are driving in the inbound lanes of the interstate that were turned into outbound lanes for the evacuation.


Attending MLC Meeting in Macon, Georgia


Sleeping at the mission home


Hurricane damage in Hinesville, Georgia


Hurricane damage in Hinesville, Georgia


Me, sitting in a large tree blown over by the hurricane.  The trees down here have lots of moss in them.


Arriving at our home after the hurricane.


Our neighbors house.


Tree fallen across the road.


The knife I made out of an old railroad spike at our friend who has a blacksmith shop.

Weekly Mission Report – Oct. 3rd

Hey Ya’ll,

This week has been great. Last P-day was awesome. My companion and I decided to go explore the forest and see what we could find. So we just walked into this forest on a pond and hiked around. We got really deep into it and you couldn’t tell where you came from. So we eventually found our way back and popped out on a different side of the pond. It was great! Unfortunately, we didn’t run up on anything cool or any wild life like we were hoping. It was still fun though trying to find our way back and hiking through the dense woods. I’m sure when we popped out of the woods, it surprised the other guys across the pond. The area we popped out of was so thick you couldn’t see more then 5 feet in front of you. It was kinda funny. We looked like lost boys that finally found civilization.

The next day I went on exchanges to Pooler, Georgia. I was with a greenie (new missionary). All I got to say is I hope I was not that awkward when I was green.

Later that week we taught a great restoration lesson to one of our investigators. It went so well. The spirit testified to him of the things we said. He said by the way we explained it that it all made sense. Something I have realized down here, because of all the churches on every corner, you have to really emphasize the priesthood in the restoration lesson. If they don’t understand the importance of the priesthood they really don’t get why the church is any different then all the other ones. Especially why they would have to get baptized again. Even though we have the Book of Mormon, if they can understand the priesthood then everything clicks. So that is what we focus on and it has worked miracles.

Conference was great this week. I loved the first talk given and the talks on repentance. I thought they were amazing. It was cool to see Elders Uceda and Meurs speak. They are the leaders that visited the mission. Also, one of the other members of the seventy who spoke also visited the Augusta stake while I was there. So to see all 3 of them speak this general conference was very neat. They are all amazing!

Today has been awesome. A guy in the ward does a lot of blacksmith stuff as a hobby and we have been making a knife out of a railroad spike with him. Hopefully, next week it will be done.

Thank you all for what you do. I hope ya’ll have a fantastic week.



Me trying out my blacksmith skills