Weekly Mission Report – Sept 12th

Hey Ya’ll,

This week has been pretty great. We received a referral this week from a member and this guy he referred us to is awesome! We met with him at a Mexican restaurant. He told us that he just wanted to know more about what we believe. He wanted to meet with us, more for information reasons rather than converting. He knew nothing about the church, so we started with the restoration. We taught him the whole thing and it was very spiritual. At least as spiritual as you can get eating tacos in a restaurant. By the end, he thought it was amazing. We had answered all the questions that he had had. He told us that he has changed his mind and now he wants to know more. He is now no longer interested for information purposes, but now he is interested in joining the church. It was amazing! It felt great to have a lesson like that. He asked us to teach the next lesson right there. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time. We are suppose to meet with him again this week. We are super stoked for it!

We also had a luau this week that we got some investigators to. We have a lot of Polynesian’s in the ward here so they put on a luau every year. It was awesome! They had great food and dances. They cooked a pig in the ground. I had never seen that done before but it was awesome. Our investigators really enjoyed it too.

So, something I am known for in the mission by everyone who knows me is that I am very clean and organized. The investigator who was teaching us how to box has asked if we could come help him clean his back porch and backyard. After we had cleaned it I told him that if he wants it to look really nice, to let me put it all back and organize it. He has no idea how to organize so he let me do it. After I was done, he and his wife were so impressed that they invited us over for a BBQ that night. It was sweet! We didn’t have a dinner that night either so it worked out perfect. We had a good time that evening with them. They are really cool people.

That is about the extent of the week. Today and tomorrow we have meetings in Macon. A couple members of the Seventy are suppose to be there. We have to leave here soon to drive to Macon and meet them. I hope ya’ll have a great week.

Elder Goodsell


At the Luau



One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Sept 12th

  1. Congratulations on the taco discussion, Austin – the best conversations happen over tacos! 🙂 Seriously, that’s wonderful that your discussion sparked a spiritual interest in your message.

    And I applaud you for your reputation for being clean and organized. That’s how the Lord likes things – ‘a house of order’ (D&C 88:119).


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