Weekly Mission Report – Aug 29th

Hey Ya’ll,

This week has been a bit of a slow one. We did a lot of service. First, on Monday we almost got in a bad accident. Some stupid guy just swerved into our lane and didn’t even look to see if we were there. I swear he should have hit us but somehow he didn’t. It was a miracle. My companion slammed on the brakes and swerved sorta out of the way, but he didn’t really have anywhere to go. They guy swerved in front of us because someone in his lane was making a left turn and he didn’t want to slow down and wait.

The next day was service day. We helped the sister missionaries here move into a new apartment. That took awhile because we got rained on. After that, we had to go help someone else. I cant remember who though. My mind just went blank.

We had a couple more good talks with some of our investigators this week about baptism. It sounds like they are not as ready as we thought though. It will take some time but I’m positive they will get baptized eventually. They come to church a lot which is awesome.

We had the awesome opportunity to go to one of our investigators baptist churches. It was in Midway, GA. Apparently, it is where Martin Luther King wrote his I have a dream speech. The service is pretty different then ours. It is always cool though to see how other churches do things. They sang to us because we were visitors and it was so awkward. We had to sit down and they all stood up and sang to us.

This week my comp and I made buffalo wings. They actually turned out just like Buffalo Wild Wings. We used some copy cat recipes and they were really good. The key is to deep fry the wings and not bake them. The senior missionary couple here thinks we are crazy because of all the stuff (food) we make. Its pretty funny.

We went up to Reidsville this last week trying to find a referral and we ran into this crazy dude. We knocked on this door and the girl inside said what the **** do you want. We told her we were looking for this guy and she swore at someone in the back and this crazy looking guy knelt down and starred at us through the screen door. It looked like he was holding a gun but I couldn’t see. He thought we were the police and he was drunk out of his mind. We told him what was up and he opened up a little when he realized we were not the police. We actually had a great lesson with him about the book of Mormon and he took a copy but I don’t know how much he understood. He came outside to pray with us and he almost fell off the stairs. I almost laughed. I bit my tongue super hard though. It was pretty cool. Those are always fun experiences.

That was about the extent of our week. This is the last week of the transfers. This transfer has flown by. We are going to make it a good one. Hope ya’ll all have a great week.

Elder Goodsell


Our home made buffalo wings


One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – Aug 29th

  1. What exciting adventures you and your companions have! I’m telling you, I hope you’re keeping a journal cause you can write a book and become a wealthy young man when you get home. That, or a master chef — sounds like that might be a good career path for you, too! 🙂 As your Great Grandpa Cash would tell you if he could — “just keep on keepin’ on.” Love, hugs, and prayers to you — sounds like Heavenly Father is watching over you and keeping you safe.


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