Weekly Mission Report – Aug. 22nd

Hello Everybody,

This has been a super busy week. We drove over 500 miles in two days. First, we had to do an exchange with the AP’s. Next, we had to drive to Vidalia twice. We also had to go to Savannah. I honestly felt like we lived in the car for those two days. It was nuts! I almost went insane I’m pretty sure. The exchange with the AP’s was great though. I went to Macon and we taught some bomb lessons. We were contacting referrals and had super spiritual lessons with two of them. The Elder I was with and myself taught really well together. It was awesome! I was able to do a baptismal interview this last week for the Vidalia Elders. Those are always cool experiences. Also, this week we were able to have two really good talks with our investigators about baptism. We have a couple who could be baptized really soon. We want to try to get them going. They were pretty receptive when we talked to them. We are going to talk to them about it again this week. Hopefully things will progress. They are awesome people!

One of the best parts about this week was seeing and visiting with so many…….um……..interesting people!?!?  We talked to one of our investigators who told us he has been having dreams and visions. These were his dreams. He first said that Hitler is alive and well in Antarctica. He is with a super army he has created of blonde hair and blue eye people. They are suppose to be angels. They are going to take over the world soon. Second, the U. N. is going to come against us and destroy us. There will be a lot of death. This coming election will play a huge part in that. All this will be happening in the next year. Also Jesus is black and the true Jews are the African Americans in the south. Just thought I’d let all ya’ll know this so you can be prepared…..haha!  I promise, I am not even joking.  This is what the guy said. He totally believes it! Of course, we brought up a million reasons why that can not be correct and he kept contradicting himself every time he defended his vision. It was so funny though! That’s kinda what we have dealt with this week.

We did meet a new lady this week that really wants to know more about the church and seems very interested. That was awesome! The other best thing of the week was we got a deep fryer from a family and made fried chicken, onion rings, and a bloomin onion. They were amazing, but we felt super sick after. That has been the week. Oh, we also had to teach gospel principle on the fly again. Love that! I hope ya’ll have had a great week. Thanks for the support and have a good one.

Elder Goodsell


Me and a recent convert


Our kitchen and new deep fryer.  We share this kitchen with the senior couple who also live in the house.


All the fried stuff we made in our new deep fryer


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