Weekly Mission Report – Aug 15th

Hey Everybody,

This has been a very busy week. We had to do a couple Family Home Evenings this week. We had to run ZTM and give training’s at it. We also taught gospel principles and I had to give a talk in church. Oh, and we also had to do an exchange with other missionaries. So we have been super busy. This morning though, we got to relax and play golf on the Hunter Army Airfield. We only had time for 12 holes but I shot a triple bogie or less on every hole except two. I’ve improved a little bit. Our group probably lost 30 balls in the woods though. It was pretty embarrassing. I also got to wrestle with my favorite dog this week. We had dinner at the Wrays house and they have a boxer (dog). She (dog) and I wrestle every time I go over there. It gets super intense. She left me with a scare this week. I’ll get her back next week.

We taught a lesson to a guy this week and he asked the most random and pointless questions I have ever heard in my life. They were hard to answer because I was so dumbfounded that he would ask these questions in the middle of the lesson.

My talk this week was on the importance of testimonies. I talked about the different steps to gain a testimony and also what things our testimony should include. I talked about the Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s in the Book of Mormon and how they stayed true to there testimony by burying their weapons in the earth and not using them when the Lamanites started to kill them. It was good and went well. My voice sounded all weird though like I was sick. I can’t figure out why. It was bizarre! Anyway, that was my week. I hope ya’ll have had a great week and that things are going well. Have fun and thanks for the support!

Elder Goodsell



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