Weekly Mission Report – Aug. 8th

Hello Everybody,

This week was great! We had a solid and busy week. We went on exchanges with some missionaries in the zone. The place I went to was straight ghetto. It was really bad! I met a lady with a full beard. That was weird! We taught a ton of lessons this week. We worked with a lot of part member families in the ward. We met one guy this week who loved us and couldn’t believe we were out doing what we were doing. We talked to him a lot about prophets and the importance of prophets. He didn’t get why we needed them at first but he understands it now!

We got to go to MLC (mission leadership training) this week. It was awesome! Some awesome training was given and I got to see a lot of old friends in the mission.

We burned my companions shirt this week because he hit his year mark. We also played golf this morning. I did so bad and it took us forever. I almost hit the darn ball into oncoming traffic. It scared the crud out of me! I really didn’t want to have to deal with that. Since we went so long though, I don’t have a ton of time on the computer today. This next week will be packed though. I have to prepare 2 family nights, give a training at Zone Training Meeting, and give a talk next Sunday. We also have to do exchanges. It will be a crazy week. I just remembered that we might also have to teach the gospel principles class. We will see. Anyway, Sorry for the short email this week. I gotta run to dinner and then to family night that we still need to prepare for. Ha ha. Ya’ll have a fantastic week!

Elder Goodsell


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