Weekly Mission Report – Aug. 1st

Hey Everybody,

I have be transferred to Hinesville, Georgia. The best part about it is my companion is Elder Gillins. He is one of the missionaries I served around in my last area that I used to talk about a lot. We were really good friends and now we are companions! It is going to be awesome! I am so stoked to be here. The work is also a lot better here then it was in my other area. I am going to miss my last area. The members there are amazing! I will have to go shopping today for the first time in forever. We live with a senior missionary couple. They have one side of the house and we have the other. We both share a kitchen though. They are really nice and are going home at the end of September. They love having me here because when I got to the house it was a mess and I cleaned it all up. I filled the trash cans up multiple times. This place had so much trash in it. Now it looks amazing and its so clean. It feels so good. I cant stand to live in a mess and a place where everything is disorganized.

We met some really cool people here. One of the part member families are the Wrays. They are awesome! We hit it off really fast. They gave use black tip shark to take home and cook. He caught it last week in the ocean. I cooked it yesterday and it was so good! Better than most fish I have had. We also saw a family called the Richardsons. They took us to Kobe, the place that cooks food in front of you. They are super sweet and we made pretty good friends with them as well.

Our investigators are pretty cool as well. Most of them love us and love to talk to us. We have a few people who are close to baptism. Some of them can’t get baptized though because of things that are out of there control. I met one investigator named Mark. He loves the missionaries and will do anything for us. He tried to convert me on his political beliefs though. It was really funny. He is a great guy though.

I spent a lot of time this week getting to know people and meeting them. They asked me to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting so I shared the scripture in Ether 6:6-7, I think. It talks about the Jaredites traveling across the ocean and the struggles they had. I related it to us and our families and at the end they called on the Lord to help them and he did. We can do the same thing and if we build ourselves up in the gospel then we can withstand trials just like their boats did.

Today we went hiking. It was weird not hiking in mountains and for the trail to be flat. It was also weird not ever being able to get cool because the humidity will get you even in the shade.

That was about all for this week. It has been great! Thank you all for your support and everything you do for me. Have a great week.

Elder Goodsell

DSC08354 (1)


Black Tip Shark


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