Weekly Mission Report – July 25th

Hey Everyone,

After last week, not much happened this week. I found out I am getting transferred tomorrow. So that is exciting! It’s a little weird leaving though because after 8 months in this area I feel like I should move into this ward and live here. I know everyone so well here. It’s been an awesome 8 months. This ward is one of the best in the mission! I haven’t had to buy groceries the past 3 months because we are fed every night and sometimes we get lunch too. People also give us food all the time. We also get rides from everyone. It is the perfect area as far as the ward and members go. I’m excited to go to my next area though and to see somewhere else. I found out that I am going to one of the big cities in the mission. I don’t know which one though.

The highlight of the week was saying bye to everyone. Also we had a big bonfire with an investigator. We spent the week teaching and doing service which was great! Lots of people need help in these summer months.

One cool lesson we had this week was with some handicap people. We were able to teach them about prayer. They were all able to do it and it was awesome! It’s cool to see that the gospel is so simple that anyone can understand it and do it. Especially when it comes to prayer and it makes sense that would be so simple.

Thank you all for the support. Ya’ll are awesome! Have a fantastic week.

Elder Goodsell

Bonfire at investigators home
Me and Brother Welch.  He is like a third companion to us.
Me, my companion and the sister missionaries.  We all serve in the same ward.

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