Weekly Mission Report – July 18th

Hello Everybody,

This week has been nuts. First off, last P-day we went to catch turtles and we did catch two but I also caught a 5-6 foot alligator on my line. It so so cool! I brought him into the shore and we were trying to figure a way we were going to get it out of its mouth the alligator did it for us. He rubbed his snout on the ground and popped the hook out. That saved us a lot of trouble and possible a hand. The bad part about the gator is after he went back into the water he kept coming after our line. Every time we would cast he would swim after it. So we couldn’t get any more turtles after that. It was worth seeing the gator though.

That night we got to meet the new mission president. He is interesting. I started a bible study class a little while ago to try to draw people who weren’t LDS to the church. This last week we saw pretty good success. We had 21 people attend and 3 were non members.

Now, I have the craziest story for ya’ll.

Friday morning we wake up. My comp says he is about to throw up so he goes back to bed. I go and study and then I decide while I plan for the week that I will boil my 2 turtle shells. It smells so bad when you do that so I opened up the doors and sat on the porch while they boiled. I was sitting on the porch spitting seeds and planning when all of the sudden I hear someone scream as if they are getting murdered. I figured it was some kids playing around so I don’t do anything. The screams kept getting worse, so finally I decide to look out my door. I look out my door and the screams are coming from the back of the apartment building. Between the screams though it sounded like someone was laughing so I went back inside. Then the screams got louder and closer. This time, I grabbed my knife and stood outside my front door. As I looked back toward the back of our building down this hallway, I see this guy with red hair, very pale, short, and in a red shirt crawling like the grudge up the stairs toward me. His face was straight terror and he was crying really bad. He suddenly looked up at me, stood up and charged me. I hurried and shut the front door and got ready to stab this guy. I was freaking out! Obviously, something was not right. As he ran at me he was screaming something. It sounded like fire! As he got closer he dodged me fell on the ground, rolled around and then got in the fetal position and started screaming. I thought that who ever was trying to kill this guy was about to come up the stairs, kill me and then him. I walked over to him and asked what the heck is going on. He turned and looked at me and yelled there is a fire at the back of the building and it is hooked up to a propane tank. At this point people were starting to come out. I turned around and could smell it. I ran inside and started pounding on my companion to wake up. He jumped up put on sweats and a hoodie because that was the closest thing to him. By the way, it is a 100 degrees outside. We ran outside. I hurried and turned off the pot that the turtles were in. I grabbed the phone and locked up. We ran into the parking lot and someone just then pulled the fire alarm. We ran into the other half of the building and started banging on everyone’s doors and telling them to get out. I was on the top floor and this young lady comes out crying because she didn’t want to leave her cats. I couldn’t believe it! I was expecting the building to blow up and she was worried about that. I ran into her place with her and we tried to get the cats. I lifted up her bed so she could grab them and they kept running from us. So finally, we left them. I met up with my companion in the parking lot. Also, during all this time I called 911 to let them know. When we met up in the parking lot there were 7 fire trucks, an ambulance, and several police cars. It was crazy! My comp and I went around to the back of the apartments at a distance to see what the fire was coming from. Turns out, it was a carpet cleaning van that had pulled behind the building to clean a unit. The van and all the bushes around it were on fire. Also, the van kept exploding because of the propane. Luckily, it never actually caught the building on fire. It just melted some plastic siding and vinyl fence. No one got hurt and everything turned out ok. The happy ending to the story was that at the end of the day, we went to go look at it and the owner of the company was cleaning up the mess. We helped him and talked to him. We were able to make his day a lot better because it was going pretty bad up to that point.

The only other awesome things that happened this week was we caught six catfish this morning. They are all in our freezer right now. We also caught five turtles which are in our bath tub right now. I don’t want to make this to long, so I will leave it at that but overall this has been a crazy and awesome week. I hope ya’ll have an awesome week and have lots of fun!


Elder Goodsell








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