Weekly Mission Report – July 11th

Hey Everybody,

This week was another hot one but a good one. This morning we went fishing and I caught two catfish that put up a pretty good fight. I caught one with a beetle that I was using to fish for bass. I was really surprised that the catfish went for it. He was big too! We cleaned them and gave some to a guy that we are eating with tonight. He is going to cook them for us. I saved the rest of them for breakfast later in the week. They taste so good! Later today we are going to catch some turtles. I need a couple more. I think it would be cool to make a drum set out of them with some bamboo. They have a lot of that down here. I’m not going to do that because it would be to hard to get around, but it would be cool.

We met with the new mission president this week. He is from Monroe, Louisiana. He is short, small, and very quiet. It was hard to get a read on him because he didn’t say much. I do have an interview with him today though. I’ll get to know him better during that.

This week we got a call from a Bishop in Virginia. He has a nephew that lives here who had a kitchen fire. His nephew is not a member, so he thought this would be a great opportunity for us to talk with him. We went over to their house and helped them move everything out. The damage isn’t too bad but they have to clean the whole house. It happened because his wife left some bottles boiling on the stove and forgot about them. While we were moving I was able to have an awesome conversation with the wife. She asked lots of questions and they were really good questions too. Like “why does God let bad things happen to good people.” “Why are there so many churches with people twisting the word different ways” and many other great questions. We talked a lot about how a church should work and why we serve missions. She was very impressed that our church has this kind of missionary program and that we would come help strangers with service. By the end of the day she wanted to know more and said they would take us out to dinner.

This week we learned how to put in vinyl tile floors. It is a lot easier than I thought it would be. If you do mess up though, it is really bad.

On Saturday, we had a discussion with an investigator about prophets. He could not grasp the idea of a modern day prophet who speaks for God and can not lead the church astray. So many people think this way. They just don’t see how that could happen and they feel if it did happen the whole world would know about it. They forget how many prophets were rejected in the Bible. Many of the people back then didn’t believe in prophets either. It is literally the same as today. By the end of the night though he was starting to get it a little bit.

Also this week we got to watch the coolest lightning storm. There weren’t too many bolts. It was more like a strobe light in the clouds. There were a couple good bolts though.

That was about the extent of the week. I hope ya’ll are doing well. Good luck with this week and have fun!

Elder Goodsell





1 (1)

Lightning Bolt


Top view of my turtle shell


Bottom view of my turtle shell


Making my special chocolate chip cookies at a members home


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