Weekly Mission Report – July 4th

Hey Everybody,

It has been a really hot week and a week of service. We have helped 3 people move this week and more need help this coming week. We have a super transit ward and they all move in and out during the summer. We are losing some really good families, but also it seems that some of the new ones are pretty cool. These U hauls, I swear get several 100 degrees inside of them during the summer. I am pretty sure I could have fried eggs in them or even some catfish. They were so hot! Moving people is always interesting. You never know what to expect. Some house you go to are already to pack and just need to load the truck up, others are half packed, and some you wondering why they wasted time getting the truck that day because nothing is in boxes or ready to move. Its nuts! We had a lot of fun moving people though. We always joke around, nick a couple walls, and sweat like crazy. We have fun.

We also helped a guy screw some boards onto his ceiling. He is building an additional room onto his house and he has let us be involved in a lot of the process so we can learn how to do it. After doing all of this I want to go build my own house now. We also helped a guy mow his lawn. He and his wife took us to Cracker Barrel after for breakfast. I think that is my new favorite restaurant. After going a few times with some people like BJ and this couple I am loving it. The food is southern and really good. We got steak, eggs, hash browns, bacon, fried apples, grits, cornbread, biscuits and gravy, pecan pancakes. It was amazing.

Some other missionaries and myself in the district hit our year marks recently so we burned a shirt. I had an elder start mine while I was still wearing it and then I dropped it off. It almost got caught up on my arms though and burned me. It was fun though and awesome to think we are on the down ward slope. I will be walking out of the airport with both of these guys.

Yesterday we taught primary because some teachers didn’t show up. That was alright. This morning I fried up 2 catfish. We also deep fried some key lime Twinkies. They were pretty good, but I like the deep fried Oreo’s better. Also, I finished cleaning my turtle this week. It looks really great. I forgot to take a picture though. I’ll try to remember to send one next week.

Tomorrow we see our new mission president for the first time. We are excited to see what he will be like. I hope ya’ll have a great 4th of July. Thanks for the support. Have a great day.

Elder Goodsell






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