Weekly Mission Report – June 13th

Hey Everyone

So, crazy news I’m staying in my area. This is very rare for our mission to be in an area this long. After this transfer I will have been here for 8 months. I love it in this area though. the members are amazing and help us out so much.

This morning we went fishing and caught some catfish. I cleaned them and we will be eating them soon.

This week has been pretty good except my companion got sick for a couple days so we couldn’t do anything. I went out with a ward member one of the days though. We had an awesome dinner at a members house where the whole table was full of food. They have a big family to so its really fun.

We really didn’t do much this week because of the sickness. I got on late today so I have to get off. I’m sorry I slacked on the email today.

I hope ya’ll have a great week. I promise next week will be better. Thank you for your support though.

Elder Goodsell

DSC08225Cleaning Catfish


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