Weekly Mission Report – June 6th

Hey Everybody,

This week was awesome! At district meeting we had a funeral for one of the elders going home next week. He laid on the table while we each went up and said our remarks. Then the Elders placed their suit coats over him. Also, last P-day one of the missionaries had a birthday, so we all sprayed him with silly string. At zone conference, President kept asking him if he was on fire and it has turned into a little inside joke in our district. So because of that we bought him a fire extinguisher.

So this week we received good news. After making all our goals as a district and reaching them we found out that we are district of the month. So we are making T shirts for it and then we will be awarded for it on Thursday. It was awesome to see the district come together these last couple weeks to make things happen. Besides all of that happening not much else has happened. An old guy lost his glasses in a pond and I had to help him find them. While on exchanges we found a nasty green pond. Oh, and we had giant stuffed burgers this week that were amazing!

Since nothing really happened this week but a lot of tracting, I’ll share some things I have been studying. I just started reading Jacob Chapter 5 which talks about the olive tree. I love it because it has so many symbols in it but they all mean different things. It’s fun interrupting it. I like how it shows that the Lord keeps trying to work with his people and he moves them around and scatters them for their benefit. You can see how much the Lord loves his people through this. Also, you can see how the Lord deals with his children on earth since the whole thing is about him and his vineyard. I am only in the beginning of it but its super cool. It’s comforting to know that the lord knows everything and everything he does will be for our benefit.

Sorry this is a short email, but thank you to all. Have a great week!

Elder GoodsellDSC08206




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