Weekly Mission Report – May 23rd

Hello Everybody,

This week has been fantastic. It started out with a service project. We were doing some yard work and we found a good size snake. Nobody would go by it so I tried to pick it up. It kept trying to bit me and I had to use a stick to control it. After awhile of facing off with this snake it calmed down and I used a stick to pin it down and then I grabbed the back end. I then released the stick and slowly calmed the snake down enough that I could pick it up and handle it. It was super cool. We had become best friends. Everybody freaked out though so I threw him in the water.

The next day it decided to pour rain on us. We walked that day and got soaked. On the way back to the apartment I found a huge mud puddle and decided to stand in it and get a picture. It was way deeper then I thought it was going to be. I eventually stopped walking through it because I wasn’t sure how deep it was going to go and there could have been something in it waiting to bite my foot off.

We then went to a families house in the ward for dinner and they had a huge cookout. We had steak, crab, crab cakes, shrimp pasta, salad, rolls, and peach cobbler. It was amazing.

Tracting this week was very successful. We had a lot of people answer and we taught everyone of them. Not all accepted a return visit but some did. We taught more lessons this week then we have in a long time. It was great! We also had someone tell us yesterday that they want to be baptized. We are super excited for that. We are going to meet with him this week and discuss things further. Also a family that left this area when I first got here just texted us and said they moved back and were interested in meeting with us. This week has been full of blessings and fun.

To top the week off, we were able to go to a sweet firework show with some of the youth.

I hope ya’ll have all had a great week. I was studying about the atonement this week because we went to a music thing where some people sang hymns and one talked a lot about Christ suffering. It was emotional for a lot of people there and I realized that it’s a good thing if you feel really sad when you think about the pain that Christ went through because He is a family member to us. If we have a close relationship with him then we will feel sad that our friend had to go through that. Of course it was wonderful that he went through that but I thought that might be one reason we get emotional while talking about Him because of the love and relationship we have with Him and we are sad because of the pains he had to suffer. It was a good way to judge how close I really feel like I am to the Savior. Anyway, that just crossed my mind this week.

Ya’ll take it easy and have a great week. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it!

Elder Goodsell


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