Weekly Mission Report – May 16th

Hello Everybody,

This week has been great! I have done two things this week that I have never done before. First, my companion and I were walking out of our apartment complex and I noticed in the pond out front that there are about a million bullfrogs in it. I couldn’t believe it. These guys were huge and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I explained to my companion that we were going to have to go down there and get the frogs. There were so many we had to go get them! They were just asking me to catch them. So we decided on a game plan for catching them. We got some PVC pipe and made a long pole with a square on the end with a garbage bag duck taped onto it for a net. It was by far the most ghetto thing I have ever made. That night we got all ready and went down to the pong. The frogs were everywhere. There were so many making noises that I could barely hear. What we did was my comp would shine a flashlight in the frogs eyes and I would carefully throw the net on top of it. It was awesome! I felt like such a redneck! You wont believe it either, but we caught one. We actually caught one with our crummy net. I couldn’t believe it myself. We hurried and took it home and well we did what you do when you catch a bull frog. We ate it! I killed it, skinned it and we fried the legs in butter and garlic. It was good! It’s a good thing we got one because we were so determined to get one that we would probably still be out there trying. The meat was pretty chewy but it didn’t taste to bad at all. I’d definitely do it again.

The other great thing we did this week was shell a turtle. My companion caught a small turtle and I told him my idea about keeping the shell and all so he decided to try it. So we did and now it is hanging on his wall. My new goal is to find a giant snapping turtle like the one in the picture I sent home a few weeks ago. I want to eat it and keep its shell. Apparently, they don’t taste at bad. So hopefully I can find one.

So we ended up tracting a lot this week and we actually ran into two people who lets us in and we got to teach them. It was great! They both went well. One was a single guy and the other was an elderly couple. They both said we could come back too. I’m pretty excited! We also got to participate in another “just serve” project. Those are always really fun and the people really appreciate it.

Church was great this week. We talked about studying the scriptures and a quote I came across said when you want to talk to God, you pray and when you want God to talk to you, you read the scriptures. It went something like that but I thought it was really cool because I have been doing an intense study of the Book of Mormon and I have really seen that to be true. The scriptures have told me all sorts of things.

I hope ya’ll all had a great week. Oh, also just have to make everyone aware that I got to fish for a few minutes this week and i caught some more fish! My bad streak is breaking. Ya’ll have a great day.

Elder Goodsell




Frog Legs


Fish I fried this week that we caught from a few weeks ago. Blue Gill


One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – May 16th

  1. Hey Austin – it’s great to hear about your experiences. You definitely remind me that missionaries are ‘fishers of men’.

    I just landed in Atlanta and will be here a few days on a business trip. I’m not sure how far Atlanta is from where you’re at, but I’ll wave when I’m back in the air on Friday.

    Here’s a quote I love from President Benson: “When we put God first in our lives all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives. Our love of the Lord will govern the claims for our affection, the demands on our time, the interests we pursue, and the order of our priorities.”

    In other words, when we put Him first, were ale to quit sweating the small stuff, and can have confidence that our lives will be divinely directed toward those things that matter most.

    Happy hunting!



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