Weekly Mission Report – May 9th

Hey Ya’ll,

This week was transfer week. I stayed in Evans and my new companion is Elder Cayton. He is from Portland, Oregon. My last companion went to Waynesboro which isn’t to far away. I will get to see him at zone conference because we are in the same stake.

This week we started out by seeing this guy named Dave. He is super cool and definitely one of my best friends out here. He is an investigator but he is not sure about the whole religion deal still. My companion and him got in a big debate about it and it was so funny to watch. I was laughing so hard. Dave can be really sarcastic but my comp didn’t know that. It was great! Also, Dave has no problem making fun of you for things or pointing out stuff he doesn’t like about you. He is pretty straight up. So, if you don’t take him serious, like me, then it is funny, but if your my companion who was taking him serious, then you would probably hate the guy. Ha ha. That was a good time. We had a solid lesson with good old Jesse Lewis this week who we haven’t been able to see in months. After all this time he was still interested and came back with an even greater desire to stop smoking and be baptized. It was so great that we were able to put him on date to be baptized this month. We are super stoked about that! This would be really, really good for him. He is a guy who likes to pray a lot and feel at one with God and so getting the Holy Ghost would be perfect! Also, a ward member here that I am good friends with told me that if I can baptize someone here then he will call me “Bestsell.” So I got to get it!

We helped someone move this week and they gave us a bunch of their food so now we may not have to shop for the whole month. That would be sweet! We also did some tracting and taught a few people, but none that were interested. This week I think we will be tracting a lot more so hopefully we will get to come back and see a couple of the people we find.

This morning we went fishing and I had a good size bass on the line and as soon as he got close to me that joker jumped out of the water and spit the hook out. I couldn’t believe it. It has happened so many times to me that you would think I would expect it by now but I’m still super surprised every time it happens. I did hook a smaller fish later though but that one doesn’t really matter. One guy we were with caught an alligator snapping turtle just like the one in the picture I sent a few weeks ago. My comp also caught a small turtle and I told him my grand plan about catching a big turtle, to keep its shell and we decided that we will practice on this small turtle and then if it is successful we will go on the hunt and try for the big turtle. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on what happens.

Anyway, hope ya’ll had a great week and also a great mothers day. Enjoy your week and have a great day.

Elder Goodsell



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