Weekly Mission Report – May 2nd

Hey Everybody,

This week has been great. Transfers are tomorrow and surprisingly my companion is leaving and I am staying. I will be here another 6 weeks and after that I will have been here for 6 months. That was the big news for the week. Also, I finally caught 2 catfish! It has taken me many times of fishing, but it has finally happened. It was awesome! We didn’t keep them though. My companion earlier in the week caught a bunch of blue gill that another missionary and I cleaned so we can eat them. The other missionary and I tried this week to pull a giant limb that was hanging down from a tree. We both stood on top of this tiny ladder and hung on the branch. It was so weird and we looked so dumb. It was so funny. We almost fell off the ladder though into the pond we were next to.

I also caught a turtle this week. I brought it home in my bag and put it in the bathtub while we went to dinner. My plan was to kill it and clean out the shell. I really have been wanting a turtle shell for awhile. When I got home I put it on the counter and laid out all the knives and was ready to go when my companion convinced me not to do it. The reasons being, first transfers was coming up and I thought I was leaving. The cleaning process takes a while so it would have been hard to take it with me. Also, I don’t even know how to clean and preserve a turtle shell. I’m pretty sad but I let it go.  The shell was amazing. It ran away really fast when I put it by the water and looked really happy to get away.

One really good thing that happened this week was we got to attend a baptism of a former investigator. We were teaching this lady but we found out she lived in North Augusta so we had to hand her off to those missionaries. She got baptized though and it was awesome to attend. A recent convert in our ward who is the one who brought her to the church was able to baptize her. It was cool to see how fast her testimony of the gospel built up from just a month and a half ago.

We got to eat with this super cool family who has giant Sunday dinners. The table was full of food and people. It was a great time. We had western burgers.

I had to give a training at district meeting this week. I talked about the atonement and how we actually use it in our lives. A lot of time we forgot to apply the atonement and we talk just about how great it is. I talked a lot about the repentance process and how that is how we really use the atonement. It went really really well. It was exciting to study and prepare for.

Hope ya’ll have a great week. It is getting so hot here! Thanks for all ya’ll do.

Elder Goodsell





The “lucky” Turtle


My District


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