Month: May 2016

Weekly Mission Report – May 30th

Hello Everybody,

This week has been amazing. We had an awesome district meeting that got everyone fired up. We set some big goals and held each other accountable for them. We really weren’t sure if we were going to pull it off but the district really rallied together and did it. It was amazing. Our goal was to hit over 50 lessons this week. It was a big goal for this area and district. The district has never before hit a goal like this. We ended up with a total of 59 lessons. It was amazing! It was such a good feeling to see this happen and watch everyone come together for it. No one had to pull another companionship’s weight. We had lots of miracles happen this week as a district. We had a baptism in the ward. Not by us, but by the Sisters. We taught her at first and then handed her over to the Sisters. It was cool to see that happen because at first she said she would not get baptized until August. So that was just one miracle.

Other cool things that happened was yesterday we ate a huge dinner at a members house. They had tons of family over and it was a big party. The table looked like the dinner table on Duck Dynasty when they are all sitting around it having a good time eating. That’s what this was like. We also had someone do a low country boil for us. I wasn’t able to go because I was on exchanges but they made me a plate. It was really good.

The only other thing that happened this week worth mentioning was lunch on exchanges. So the Elder I was with said we had a lunch at this guys house. So we go over and waited outside until he got home. He pulls up and has the other Elders in the ward with him for lunch as well. We get inside and the other Elders lean over to us and say “ya’ll weren’t suppose to be here. They were only expecting us.” It was so awkward. I obviously had no idea what was going on but I guess there was some miscommunication. We told the guy sorry and said we would leave. He said that we could stay since we were already were there. It was awful and so awkward. They didn’t even eat because they only had enough chairs for 4 people and only enough food for 4 people. We felt so bad. Then to make it worse I tried to lighten the mood and asked how the day was going. The guy said, well my wife wrecked my car this morning. I thought he said that she vacuumed his car so I said oh that’s great, that’s awesome, that’s super nice of her. Everyone was giving me weird looks and I couldn’t figure out why, so I just shut up and my companion tried to save me by making it sound sarcastic. Then halfway through I realized what happened. I felt so dumb. Probably the most awkward lunch I have ever been to. It was so bad. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t then. We were so mad after we got out of it.

That’s about it for this week. Ya’ll have a great day. Thanks for everything.

Elder Goodsell


Weekly Mission Report – May 23rd

Hello Everybody,

This week has been fantastic. It started out with a service project. We were doing some yard work and we found a good size snake. Nobody would go by it so I tried to pick it up. It kept trying to bit me and I had to use a stick to control it. After awhile of facing off with this snake it calmed down and I used a stick to pin it down and then I grabbed the back end. I then released the stick and slowly calmed the snake down enough that I could pick it up and handle it. It was super cool. We had become best friends. Everybody freaked out though so I threw him in the water.

The next day it decided to pour rain on us. We walked that day and got soaked. On the way back to the apartment I found a huge mud puddle and decided to stand in it and get a picture. It was way deeper then I thought it was going to be. I eventually stopped walking through it because I wasn’t sure how deep it was going to go and there could have been something in it waiting to bite my foot off.

We then went to a families house in the ward for dinner and they had a huge cookout. We had steak, crab, crab cakes, shrimp pasta, salad, rolls, and peach cobbler. It was amazing.

Tracting this week was very successful. We had a lot of people answer and we taught everyone of them. Not all accepted a return visit but some did. We taught more lessons this week then we have in a long time. It was great! We also had someone tell us yesterday that they want to be baptized. We are super excited for that. We are going to meet with him this week and discuss things further. Also a family that left this area when I first got here just texted us and said they moved back and were interested in meeting with us. This week has been full of blessings and fun.

To top the week off, we were able to go to a sweet firework show with some of the youth.

I hope ya’ll have all had a great week. I was studying about the atonement this week because we went to a music thing where some people sang hymns and one talked a lot about Christ suffering. It was emotional for a lot of people there and I realized that it’s a good thing if you feel really sad when you think about the pain that Christ went through because He is a family member to us. If we have a close relationship with him then we will feel sad that our friend had to go through that. Of course it was wonderful that he went through that but I thought that might be one reason we get emotional while talking about Him because of the love and relationship we have with Him and we are sad because of the pains he had to suffer. It was a good way to judge how close I really feel like I am to the Savior. Anyway, that just crossed my mind this week.

Ya’ll take it easy and have a great week. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it!

Elder Goodsell


Weekly Mission Report – May 16th

Hello Everybody,

This week has been great! I have done two things this week that I have never done before. First, my companion and I were walking out of our apartment complex and I noticed in the pond out front that there are about a million bullfrogs in it. I couldn’t believe it. These guys were huge and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I explained to my companion that we were going to have to go down there and get the frogs. There were so many we had to go get them! They were just asking me to catch them. So we decided on a game plan for catching them. We got some PVC pipe and made a long pole with a square on the end with a garbage bag duck taped onto it for a net. It was by far the most ghetto thing I have ever made. That night we got all ready and went down to the pong. The frogs were everywhere. There were so many making noises that I could barely hear. What we did was my comp would shine a flashlight in the frogs eyes and I would carefully throw the net on top of it. It was awesome! I felt like such a redneck! You wont believe it either, but we caught one. We actually caught one with our crummy net. I couldn’t believe it myself. We hurried and took it home and well we did what you do when you catch a bull frog. We ate it! I killed it, skinned it and we fried the legs in butter and garlic. It was good! It’s a good thing we got one because we were so determined to get one that we would probably still be out there trying. The meat was pretty chewy but it didn’t taste to bad at all. I’d definitely do it again.

The other great thing we did this week was shell a turtle. My companion caught a small turtle and I told him my idea about keeping the shell and all so he decided to try it. So we did and now it is hanging on his wall. My new goal is to find a giant snapping turtle like the one in the picture I sent home a few weeks ago. I want to eat it and keep its shell. Apparently, they don’t taste at bad. So hopefully I can find one.

So we ended up tracting a lot this week and we actually ran into two people who lets us in and we got to teach them. It was great! They both went well. One was a single guy and the other was an elderly couple. They both said we could come back too. I’m pretty excited! We also got to participate in another “just serve” project. Those are always really fun and the people really appreciate it.

Church was great this week. We talked about studying the scriptures and a quote I came across said when you want to talk to God, you pray and when you want God to talk to you, you read the scriptures. It went something like that but I thought it was really cool because I have been doing an intense study of the Book of Mormon and I have really seen that to be true. The scriptures have told me all sorts of things.

I hope ya’ll all had a great week. Oh, also just have to make everyone aware that I got to fish for a few minutes this week and i caught some more fish! My bad streak is breaking. Ya’ll have a great day.

Elder Goodsell




Frog Legs


Fish I fried this week that we caught from a few weeks ago. Blue Gill

Weekly Mission Report – May 9th

Hey Ya’ll,

This week was transfer week. I stayed in Evans and my new companion is Elder Cayton. He is from Portland, Oregon. My last companion went to Waynesboro which isn’t to far away. I will get to see him at zone conference because we are in the same stake.

This week we started out by seeing this guy named Dave. He is super cool and definitely one of my best friends out here. He is an investigator but he is not sure about the whole religion deal still. My companion and him got in a big debate about it and it was so funny to watch. I was laughing so hard. Dave can be really sarcastic but my comp didn’t know that. It was great! Also, Dave has no problem making fun of you for things or pointing out stuff he doesn’t like about you. He is pretty straight up. So, if you don’t take him serious, like me, then it is funny, but if your my companion who was taking him serious, then you would probably hate the guy. Ha ha. That was a good time. We had a solid lesson with good old Jesse Lewis this week who we haven’t been able to see in months. After all this time he was still interested and came back with an even greater desire to stop smoking and be baptized. It was so great that we were able to put him on date to be baptized this month. We are super stoked about that! This would be really, really good for him. He is a guy who likes to pray a lot and feel at one with God and so getting the Holy Ghost would be perfect! Also, a ward member here that I am good friends with told me that if I can baptize someone here then he will call me “Bestsell.” So I got to get it!

We helped someone move this week and they gave us a bunch of their food so now we may not have to shop for the whole month. That would be sweet! We also did some tracting and taught a few people, but none that were interested. This week I think we will be tracting a lot more so hopefully we will get to come back and see a couple of the people we find.

This morning we went fishing and I had a good size bass on the line and as soon as he got close to me that joker jumped out of the water and spit the hook out. I couldn’t believe it. It has happened so many times to me that you would think I would expect it by now but I’m still super surprised every time it happens. I did hook a smaller fish later though but that one doesn’t really matter. One guy we were with caught an alligator snapping turtle just like the one in the picture I sent a few weeks ago. My comp also caught a small turtle and I told him my grand plan about catching a big turtle, to keep its shell and we decided that we will practice on this small turtle and then if it is successful we will go on the hunt and try for the big turtle. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on what happens.

Anyway, hope ya’ll had a great week and also a great mothers day. Enjoy your week and have a great day.

Elder Goodsell


Weekly Mission Report – May 2nd

Hey Everybody,

This week has been great. Transfers are tomorrow and surprisingly my companion is leaving and I am staying. I will be here another 6 weeks and after that I will have been here for 6 months. That was the big news for the week. Also, I finally caught 2 catfish! It has taken me many times of fishing, but it has finally happened. It was awesome! We didn’t keep them though. My companion earlier in the week caught a bunch of blue gill that another missionary and I cleaned so we can eat them. The other missionary and I tried this week to pull a giant limb that was hanging down from a tree. We both stood on top of this tiny ladder and hung on the branch. It was so weird and we looked so dumb. It was so funny. We almost fell off the ladder though into the pond we were next to.

I also caught a turtle this week. I brought it home in my bag and put it in the bathtub while we went to dinner. My plan was to kill it and clean out the shell. I really have been wanting a turtle shell for awhile. When I got home I put it on the counter and laid out all the knives and was ready to go when my companion convinced me not to do it. The reasons being, first transfers was coming up and I thought I was leaving. The cleaning process takes a while so it would have been hard to take it with me. Also, I don’t even know how to clean and preserve a turtle shell. I’m pretty sad but I let it go.  The shell was amazing. It ran away really fast when I put it by the water and looked really happy to get away.

One really good thing that happened this week was we got to attend a baptism of a former investigator. We were teaching this lady but we found out she lived in North Augusta so we had to hand her off to those missionaries. She got baptized though and it was awesome to attend. A recent convert in our ward who is the one who brought her to the church was able to baptize her. It was cool to see how fast her testimony of the gospel built up from just a month and a half ago.

We got to eat with this super cool family who has giant Sunday dinners. The table was full of food and people. It was a great time. We had western burgers.

I had to give a training at district meeting this week. I talked about the atonement and how we actually use it in our lives. A lot of time we forgot to apply the atonement and we talk just about how great it is. I talked a lot about the repentance process and how that is how we really use the atonement. It went really really well. It was exciting to study and prepare for.

Hope ya’ll have a great week. It is getting so hot here! Thanks for all ya’ll do.

Elder Goodsell





The “lucky” Turtle


My District