Weekly Mission Report – April 25th

Hey Everybody,

This week has been great. It started out at our investigators house. He is a big time golfer. We went in his back yard and hit golf balls while we talked. He opened up a little to us and we ended up on the topic of Gods creations. We had a good discussion about that and he let us know that he is close to baptism. He feels like he just needs to read the Book of Mormon a little more. His time is limited though because he works a lot at a golf course. He is a cool guy and I’m glad he gets it. I probably wont be here to see him get baptized but he is making progress and the spirit was there as we talked.

This week we also got to help a less active we have been trying to get in contact with. He needed help with a rock climbing gym that him and some others are building. It looks sweet! We just helped with a lot of clean up but it was so cool to see it being built. I kind of have a dream of doing something similar to this. I was surprised how much goes into the building of the place. For helping, they are going to give us a few free day passes.

Another sweet thing we got to do was help out with the activity day girls. We played mission jeopardy with them. They loved it and had tons of fun. Afterward, they each gave us letters for different types of days that we have. I am surprised with how much they know about a mission and how well they right. They are super nice.

We met a girl this week that was a media referral. It said that she had been taught all the lessons and wants to be baptized. Its true too! She has been taught all the lessons and does want to be baptized. It’s awesome, but she has some issues that she is dealing with and then when we went to church she decided to be taught by sisters. It makes sense, but it was a bummer to lose her as an investigator because she was solid.

The best part of the whole week though was last night. We had a priesthood meeting and I got two less actives to come and one has not been to church in many years. I was super excited about it. He shared some amazing things and felt the spirit. It was awesome! I was so happy to see him there. We talked a lot about repentance and he has some things that he is working on and it was amazing to hear his testimony and to see him feel the spirit. We talked a lot about how you use the atonement and repentance. Anyway, it was cool to see and I was glad we could help him.

I hope all of ya’ll have had as great of week or even better. Transfers is coming up in a week and Saturday I find out if I am leaving. I will keep you posted next Monday. Enjoy your week. Thanks ya’ll.

Elder Goodsell


Just Serve Project, Under the bridge ministries. Church for the homeless and feed the homeless.


Snapping Turtle


Frying Pickles



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