Weekly Mission Report – April 18th

Hello Everybody,

This week has been great. It started out last Monday with mountain biking. It was amazing! It felt so good to get back on the trails. I almost hit a couple trees, but it went great. I never crashed which really surprised me. Tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Gillins. He is the other missionary here that I talk a lot about and do a lot with. We cooked some steaks again and this time we cooked them way to long. The were well, well done. I would definitely take raw steaks over that. It did not taste very good.

Thursday was a cool day for us. Mostly because of how it ended. We were trying to contact some people who we tracted into last week and we came up on some people having a bible study. They invited us to join and it went awesome. They asked lots of questions that we could answer really well. The spirit was very strong. Two of the four you could see were really getting it. Then, Joseph Smith was brought up and the other two started to argue against him. From that point on the spirit was gone and you could feel a total difference in the room. It was really disappointing. We didn’t get to ever talk to the other two who seemed interested unfortunately. It was still a cool experience though.

The next day I made a bloomin’ onion again and this time it turned out right. The last couple times I was doing it wrong. I have finally got it though. The next day we helped a guy paint his house. I have learned a lot of these kind of skills in this area. It has been nice. Today we went golfing. We golfed Bartram Trail Golf Club and I did terrible. It was my first time ever golfing and I scored a 118. It was embarrassing! I cant tell you how many times I would hit the top of the ball and it would roll a couple yards. I was also swinging to hard. It was fun though. That was the extent of my week. It was full of adventure and fun! I hope ya’ll have a great week. Thank you for your support.

Elder Goodsell




Going Mountain Biking!


My Blommin’ Onion


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