Weekly Mission Report – April 11th

Hello Everyone,

Hope ya’lls week has been great. This week has been a little more dull then the past couple but it has still been good. We helped a guy sheet rock some. I have learned a lot about that and feel ready to build a house! Just kidding, not that ready, but I could build half a house. We also helped a lady stack up a hug pile of limbs and this week we should be going over there to burn them. It will be a massive fire!

We went out tracting a lot this week. That can be fun and it can be really long and boring. This week was pretty fun. We met a preacher and introduced “just serve” to him. We found two people who told us we could come back and tell them more. That’s always good! We have been struggling to find that. Something funny happened while we were tracting but I cant remember what it was. It happens a lot where you are at a door and one of you says something really stupid and you try not to laugh until you are walking away. That definitely happened this week.

We were at dinner one day and we walked out side and my companions tire was flat. The people we ate with didn’t have a pump and they had to go. So we had to walk to an investigators house forever away to get a pump. We finally fixed his tire today. His bike has been having this problem for a long time now. He has to pump it up at least twice a day. We shouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. Today should be an awesome day because we have an investigator taking us mountain biking. I am super excited! It has been so long since I have been.

I was reading in 2 Nephi 4 and I really loved Nephi’s Psalm. It was really cool and I love when he talks about trusting in the Lord. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. It is very true if you just do your best and trust in the Lord, then you can know the outcome will be alright. Even if it seems bad, everything we go through is to help us. That has given me some comfort. Just thought I would share that. Trusting in the Lord helps give hope to everything.

I love you guys and thank you so much for all of your support. It helps me a lot. Have a fantastic week.

Elder Goodsell


This is my zone


They really use lawnmowers here to get around!


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