Weekly Mission Report – April 4th

Hey Everyone,

This week has been great! I thought it couldn’t beat the week before, but it turned out great. We started out by helping a guy take a bunch of wood to the dump. We were a little worried about snakes as we were picking up the wood but we didn’t see any except small garden snakes. They don’t bite……..I think?! We picked a few up and they seemed “ok” with it.

We hit up one of our investigators this week that needed help installing some fans. Little back story with this guy is he is going to school and studying psychology. After we helped him he let us try these cool glasses he bought for his study’s. They have headphones and then the glasses have blue lights that flash. You listen to soothing motivational talks while the lights flash to the talk. It relaxes you like crazy! I dropped my head a few times. I would go over there and do it everyday if i could. They kind of look like space googles.

We had some good luck this week with a new investigator. We met with her twice and she is kinda interested in baptism. She has been super open to what we have to teach. She has heard a lot of bad things about us but as she has gotten to know us she has changed her view.

We got to fish twice this week. The first time I caught 3……they all got away. The second time we went, I tangled the line twice and got my hook stuck in a tree. I spent more time fixing my pole then fishing, BUT……I caught a fish at the end of the day. Finally!! I have been waiting so long. It was the tiniest large mouth bass I have ever seen, but none the less, I still caught a fish. My luck is turning ya’ll. Next time I will get one that I can eat. Another missionary and I also found a goose nest with the mom sitting in it. The dad was in the water nearby. We were terrible and messed with them. We almost got attacked! They hissed at us and started flapping their wings. We thought we might die! After that I guess the missionary I was with and I had some adrenaline and aggression in us so we decided to have a slap off. We kept slapping each other in the face until the other guy said quit. Then I got to hit him one more time. I saved the best slap for last and hit him so hard. His face turned purple. It was so funny!

The highlight of the week of course was conference. We got fed a ton. I feel so fat. I loved Elder Nelsons talk during priesthood. He talked about being worthy of the priesthood. Another person talked also about always being worthy of a temple recommend. I thought about this a lot and really like the idea of having something to be worthy of. If we can always be worthy of a temple recommend and the priesthood then we can be assured that blessings will come. I am grateful that I made the choice to come on the mission where I can see the blessings of living worthily. I wasn’t sure how much I would really like this mission thing, but it has taught me things that i would not have learned otherwise. From the mission I have figured out why I am here, what I want for my life, and why I want to be worthy of the priesthood. I hope conference was great for all of you. I loved the sister who spoke in the first session on Sunday who threw it down. She was very bold about what we believe and because of my mission I can say I believe it too! The mission has been very cool. I am grateful for all of you who have supported me. Thank you and have a great week!

Elder Goodsell



These are the geese we were messing with


One thought on “Weekly Mission Report – April 4th

  1. You know, of course, Austin, that your Grandma Goodsell will probably not get past the first paragraph of your letter this week, right? She even sees the word “snake” and she has a heart attack!! 🙂 As for the fish you caught, it looked big enough to eat to me — fry ‘im up I say!! Love your letters, and your enthusiasm, and your testimony — thanks for sharing. You’re in all my prayers.


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