Weekly Mission Report – Mar 28th

Hey Ya’ll,

I hope Easter went well for everyone. It went well here. We had a great program with a lot of music. My companion and I were quoted in sacrament meeting. That was weird to be quoted. After church we went to a members house who was doing a southern potluck with a couple families. It was super good. I have become a big fan of baked mac and cheese. While we were there, we got to hide Easter eggs for the kids. It was pretty funny to watch them all fight for the eggs and try to jump to reach the ones that were high.

The rest of the week though has been spent doing service. We did some sheet rocking which I could kinda knew how to do thanks to Mike Swenson showing me how. We also planted plants, moved furniture, put furniture together, did some more yard work and worked with some homeless people. That was a cool experience. We went to a Just Serve project on Saturday. It was with a group called under the bridge ministries. They put on a church service for homeless people and give them a bunch of hand outs. We got to help with that and while we were there we got to answer questions for people about the gospel. It was pretty cool. There were a ton of people there though.

We got to meet with one of our new investigators who we thought was going to be really cool because he was super interested the last time we met. When we met this time though he just tried to tear us apart. It was really disappointing but later in the week we got another new investigator and the lesson went great. We taught the plan of salvation which is a great lesson for Easter. She seemed more sincere, so hopefully it will go well our next visit.

This morning we went fishing with a member who has not been a big fan of the male missionaries for awhile. They had a super bad experience with them awhile ago. It has been great because we have been repairing that relationship again. As usual though, I did not catch anything. I had one bite and he even jumped out of the water but the line broke. I was so mad because my companion caught a huge bass and then another smaller one. The rest of the day I got nothing. I did see 10 snakes though. Some were huge. That was pretty cool.

It has been such a good week though. I hope ya’ll have a great one as well. It has been awesome being able to share about Christ resurrection this week and what that really means for us. For me it means, hope to be better, do better, and become better! Thank you all for your support. Have a great week!

Elder Goodsell


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