Weekly Mission Report – Mar 21st

Hello Everyone,

This week has been great. We have had a lot of success this week and we were also able to do a lot of service. First, it started with an awesome lesson on Wednesday. We went on splits with the young men. We went over to a less actives house and taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. I did not do much teaching which was the goal. The two young men I took did really well and knew what they were talking about. I only had to rescue them a couple of times. The spirit was really strong as they testified of the things they knew to be true. The goal was to help the less active feel the spirit. It worked for sure. Especially when we talked about baptism and remembering those covenants that we made. We really stressed the importance of this.

We also were able to do some service that day by painting a house for a lady. She has a pond in her back yard that we can fish in. She invited us to come fish when ever we want. We are going to try to take her up on that soon. It has been awhile since I have been able to go fishing. This area is very transit. Another cool experience this week happened late at night before we decided to head home. We met this young guy and began to talk to him about the gospel. He opened up and said we could come back. He started showing us all this stuff he had too. He really felt a connection with us. It was just cool to see how he opened up like that. That same day we went back to a guys house who asked us a week ago to stop by. He invited us in and asked lots of questions. He really liked what we had to say and asked us to come explain more to him later.

I think it was that night when we went home that our apartment complex had at least 6 to 7 fire trucks and a cop car. Apparently one of the buildings caught fire. You cant tell though from the road. It must not have been that bad.

This past week we were also able to participate in a “Just serve” project. We fixed up a homeless shelter. A ton of people showed up. “Just serve” is really taking off here. There were even a lot of people there who were not members of our church, but members of other churches. That is the goal and it is starting to happen.

Pollen season is in full affect down here. It is so bad. Some days it looks like there is a heavy fog outside, but its just pollen. Other days while your outside it looks like it is raining pollen. Our bikes are always covered in it. Everyone’s car is yellow and same with buildings, streets, and everything. Thank goodness for me I don’t have allergies so it doesn’t affect me except coat my teeth while I’m biking. My companion though is sneezing all the time. Other people swell up. Its insane! I have been dumb and have not taken pictures so maybe next week I can have one for ya’ll. Its pretty bad.

The last highlight of the week was yesterday. I gave a talk in church about feasting upon the words of Christ. It has been amazing to me as I have reflected upon my past and the difference I can see in my life when I have been feasting upon the words of Christ and when I have not been. It really does make  difference. It is a blessing to have the scriptures as a reference guide for our lives. If we want to have long term happiness instead of short term gratification that the world goes after, then we just have to follow the principles in the scriptures.

Thank you all for your support. I love it! Ya’ll are awesome!

Elder Goodsell


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