Weekly Mission Report – Feb 29th

Hey Everyone,

This week has been great!  First off, I went on exchanges with another Elder.  We made a redneck grill out of a pot, some wire we found, and sticks.  We used it to cook steaks.  We did not have a way to light the fire though.  So what we did was light newspaper using the electric stove.  Then we used the burning newspaper to light a candle.  We then dripped wax all over the sticks.  We then set the candle among the sticks and that was our fire.  We also used some tree sap.  That stuff burns well.  We then cooked steaks on it.  They were so good!  The second set of steaks we cooked was straight up raw.  I felt like I was eating a wild animal we just caught.  It was so good though.  I might be a fan of medium rare steaks.  We probably almost burned the house down while trying to light newspaper on the electric stove.  That wasn’t the greatest idea because it burst into flames really fast.  Since it does, sometimes you drop it.  We were good though, and didn’t burn anything down. Instead, we enjoyed amazing steaks!  We also tried to catch a squirrel with a trap.  We decided it was that time in our lives that we needed to catch a squirrel, kill it, skin it, and eat it.  We used yarn, a stick, a laundry basket, and peanut butter.  We were super unsuccessful.  I don’t think it was us though.  I am convinced it was the wind. It was windy and we just didn’t see as many squirrels as we usually see.  It was fun though.  We will get them next time.

Later in the week we were able to help a guy switch a bunch of light sockets in his house.  It was super easy and a good thing to know how to do.  We also were able to have a lesson with this guy on prayer and the role of that in conversion.  The guy has finally decided to really dive into the book of Mormon and read it.  He is loving it too.  He is getting a lot closer to baptism.  He is an investigator the sisters just handed off to us because he wanted to get taught by guys.  We were lucky because they played a big role in this and since we have been seeing him, he has gotten a lot more serious about all of it.

We also finally got in contact with a less active girl that we have been working with.  She is awesome and told us this week she wants to find out now if this is the right church for her. She left when she was young so we are treating her like an investigator.  If she was one, she would be getting baptized here soon.  We are helping her right now find that conformation she is looking for.

For P-day today we got together as a district and grilled bratwurst and hamburgers.  They were really good.  We did it at this little place we have at our apartment complex.

Thank you all for your support. I hope ya’ll have a great week.

Elder Goodsell




Squirrel Trap




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